Testimony “Thank You”

Testimony “Thank You”

I wanted to write a testimonial “Thank You”

for all of the help that you guys at Precision Bikes have given me, especially over the last year.

I bought my second bike (and first) from Mark Miller’s Precision Bikes and I knew exactly what I wanted.

And even though he didn’t carry this brand, he was able to locate one for me. I have broken or thought I have broken something nearly every ride for about 3 months after I got it and basically went into the store every week. Some times 2 and 3 times a week and either Mark, Nick , or Tim were always able to help me out. They never got tired of me (I think) and fixed the problem or answered my questions every time I went in. The service at Precision Bikes has been exceptional. When I changed my components to Sram Red and bought new aero bars Mark was able to sell all of my old components for me. With Tim’s help he was even able to sell my old bike. I have gotten my race wheels through him as well. I have never been disappointed. Whenever I am getting ready to go to a race he helps me make sure that everything is exactly as it should be.

He introduced me to my first coach (Will Jones/4th Dimension) who was able to take almost ten minutes off of my half marathon time and twenty minutes off of my half ironman time.

He also introduced me to Ruud Vuijsters, P.T. who was able to help me get rid of my IT band syndrome which I had fought for about four years.

I have had two friends from Baton Rouge buy their first bikes through Mark as well and they have received the same great service. It is the best bike shop I have ever heard of.

Thanks again Precision Bikes,

Adam Morgan


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