Maintenance & Repair

Precision Bikes offer full service maintenance and repair for any make or model of bicycle. We pride ourselves on the level of craftsmanship and customer we provide to each every fix.

Tune Ups & Overhauls

Precision Bikes offer four options to “total bike” tune up or overhaul. In addition to the larger packages the shop will also tune or overall any individual component (wheels, de railers, headsets, hubs, drive train, etc.) need individual attention.

1. Basic Tune Up

$60 Derailer Bicycles

$50  BMX and 3 speed Bicyles

$40 Single Speed Bicycles

2. Major Tune Up

$100 Derailer Bicycles

$80 BMX and 3 speed Bicycles

$60 Single Speed Bicycles

3. Basic Overhaul

Total Cost

$130 Derailer Bicycles

$100 BMX and 3 speed Bicycles

$80 Single Speed Bicycles

4. Major Overhaul

$ 200 Derailer Bicycles

$ 200 BMX and 3 speed Bicycles

$ 200 Single Speed Bicycles


Fit Studio


Precision Bikes offers two levels of bike fittings and pride itself on it leadership in adoption of bike fitting technology.


1. Basic Bike Fit

Precision Bikes FIST certified bike shope. FIST stands for Fit Institute Slowtwitch (FIST) and provides bike shop professionals with the tools they need to properly fit a triathlete to his or her triathlon racing bicycle, executing a perfect fit for each tri-specific customer.

Total Cost: $ 150

2. Retul Bike Fit

Precision Bikes also offers Retül bike fitting solutions. Retül technology is a cycling-specific motion-capture bike fitting system designed to provide qualified bike fitters highly accurate and comprehensive bike fit data. The system incorporates three-dimensional measurement, immediate report capability, and a millimeter-specific digitizing tool to provide the most accurate dynamic fitting solution in the industry.

Total Cost: $ 250