Precision Bikes Webmaster

Precision Bikes Webmaster

As a response to the comments posted this morning on the LAMBRAUSAC ITT CHAMPIONSHIPS RESULTS:

My name is Ruud Vuijsters, PT, I have, more or less taken it upon myself, with Mark Miller’s approval, to run in a ‘blog’ format.
Never have I proclaimed to do a perfect job.
I am a PT by profession, the posting is just a hobby.
The purpose of the site is to keep customers and all whom take interest in the sport of cyclingtriathlonironmanrunning informed of the happenings at the shop, events to take place, with subsequent results, and generalized news in the world of our sports, to the best of my abilities.
Being a avid cyclist and huge fan of the sport, does not mean that I know all the local athletes. This has resulted in the past that athletes names sometimes were not included in the total finishing list.
When brought to my attention, corrections were always made, again, to the best of my abilities!

What has happened today would result in division, rather than a uniting of our athletes in this area. That is not what Mark Miller’s Precision Bikes or the webmaster are about.

After discussion late this afternoon, we have come to the conclusion that Precision Bikes reserves the right to remove any inflammatory comments, especially with name calling, posted anonymously, ASAP.
When this behavior will continue, Precision Bikes feels forced in future, to screenapprove of comments, before published.

So sorry a simple post has lead to so much negativity!

Kind regards,
Ruud Vuijsters, P.T.


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