Precision Bikes Racing Team

Precision Bikes Racing Team

Brian’s Day 3 Race Results
Saturday 75 Mile Road Race – Brian Takes 1st Place!!!
Well I woke up Saturday morning kind of stiff from Friday’s road race. But I massaged and stretched and used my magic stick and by 12:00 my legs were feeling pretty good. Once again, I wasn’t too confident going into the stage. I wasn’t sure how long I would last in the hills after 110 miles of them the day before. But I got ready and got my bike checked and everything and headed to the start line. The starts were delayed a little because they were waiting for the pro women to come back so the pro men could get the race radios. So we started around 3:40 instead of 3:15. But no big deal. We started and I wasn’t feeling too bad. My cramp from Friday was still pretty sore so I just pedaled without using that muscle too much. We rode 11 miles then started the 23 mile loop. We did the loop 3 times. Loop after loop I was feeling better and better but my back was killing me. It was hurting enough to keep me in the back half of the peleton for almost the whole race. My legs were feeling good though. Just to throw a little humor in, everybody stopped for a courtesy pee break. So we’re all doing our business and a lady walks out of her house and is just standing there looking at 20-30 people peeing in the ditch right in front of her house. You should’ve seen the look on her face. Well anyway, we finished our loops and were heading back on the 11 miles to the finish. I was feeling awesome so I moved myself way to the front. Metro was controlling the race so I just got on their wheel and let them chase down attacks and stuff. With about 8 miles to go, we had just caught a little breakaway and the pace slowed down a whole lot, I think metro was done controlling for the day. We hit a pretty big uphill and I attacked. At first it was just me and one other guy. I hammered all the way up the hill and we had a little gap. I waved him through to take a pull because I was so spent from getting the gap. Well he slowed down a whole lot and the pack was right behind us. He gave up and went back to the pack just as we were hitting another big uphill, so I attacked again and got a huge gap with Peter Carey(1st in GC) on my wheel. I wasn’t sure to be happy he was with me or not. He’s really strong, so I was happy, but at the same time, I wasn’t sure if the peloton was going to let the guy in 1st place get away again like he did Friday before the finish. But after I got the big gap, I waved him through and he looked at me and said lets go Brian, we got this. That f***er knew my name. So we hammered and drilled it and two other guys bridged up to us. The motor ref pulled alongside us and said we had a 27second gap. The other two riders weren’t much help at all. One was too weak to take good pulls, and the other guy had a teammate that was 2nd in GC so he didn’t want to take any pulls and help Peter get even more ahead. So it was just me and Peter hammering in the front. My speedometer read 89.7 miles, I figured we still had 2 miles to the finish. Well we came over the top of a climb and there it was, the finish line about .5 miles ahead. I got off the front and Peter pulled through. He gave me a look like, I’m not here for the stage, just the time on the field. So he led us out to the finish line. It was an uphill finish and the guy with the teammate in 2nd attacked. I got on his wheel then just passed him and cruised in for the win. I through my hands up. I couldn’t believe it. I went into this race just wanted to finish with the pack and I came away with a stage win. It was awesome. On top of that, some of my family came down from Missouri to watch, so they were there to see me take it home. I waited around and got my bike rolled out again, and then it was to the finishing podium. They had the podium presentation like in the TdF and it was awesome. The only thing, my hair was kind of messed up. My mom got some pictures, and my cousin got a video of me crossing the finish line so I’ll see if I can get that from him and e-mail it to you guys. It was simply amazing. I’ve won time trials, and I’ve placed really well before, but nothing compares to crossing the finish line in 1st. With the 15 second time bonus for 1st, and coming in 18 seconds before the main pack, I moved up to 9th overall. Top ten baby. I forgot to mention it in my other reports, but the Monday before this race, Mark got in my new Specialized Tarmac Pro and built it up for me Monday night to my understanding and I was able to ride it Tuesday. A huge thanks to him for putting it together in time so I can race it. The bike’s been riding awesome Mark. Thanks a bunch. And a big thanks to my mommy who came with and did my feeds for me. We’ll see how the crit goes today. I’m going to try and hold that top ten, maybe even move up a little.
No post from him on the Criterium Sunday, but it appears he ended up in 15th place, after winning the RoadRace on Saturday!
Brian Ended up 9th overall in the G.C.!
from all of us @ Precision Bikes


  • Anonymous says:
    May 11, 2009 at 2:49 pm

    Congrats to Brian!!! A well deserved win. Brian has progressed tremendously in the past few years to become one of the top riders in the region.For a 17 year old to be able to hang with and win with the best Cat 1 riders in this very prestigious race is no easy feat. There were over 70 Cat1′s and 2′s from the best teams in Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, La., Tenn, Ms, OK, and Colorado there. Brian rode as a solo entry without team support to make it even harder, but he hung in and got the win. To finish in Top 10 in GC as a Junior with Junior gears is remarkable. From the TT on Thursay, the 110 mile RR on Friday, the 92 mile RR win on Sat, and then a top finish in the Crit on Sunday, Brian proved that he was more than up to the challenge. Look for Brian to excel in the years to come. If you see Brian in the next week or so , make sure you let him know how proud we all are for him.


  • Brian, it is not just what you have accomplished in a short period of time, but even more so in the way you have done it!
    You are a ‘first class act’ and besides congratulations, I send you best wishes for a bright and successful future!
    Your family, Precision Bikes, Precision Bikes Racing Team and Lafayette have plenty of reasons to be proud of you!
    Fly like an Eagle!!!

  • Anonymous says:
    May 12, 2009 at 12:05 am

    congrats Brian…mboutte

  • Anonymous says:
    May 12, 2009 at 12:59 am

    A hero is born among a hundred, A wise man is found among a thousand, But an accomplished one might not be found even among a hundred thousand men….Brian you have accomplished much and will accomplish much more…Unreal!! Now lets get those junior gears off and unleash some hell (leon “mongoose” washington)

  • Anonymous says:
    May 12, 2009 at 1:23 am

    Congratulations…that’s really impressive…keep up the good work and maybe someday we’ll see you on tv and we can all say, “we used to ride with that kid before he got so fast” ;)

    Great Job Brian!

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