Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs.


Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs.

These are common conditions, often seen in the athletic arena.

When the focus is limited to the site of pain, causation is often overlooked.
In the “Squat” illustration, one can see the difference between ‘western’ vs ‘asian’ -(full)- feet squat position.
When the calf muscles are too tight, one isn’t able to plant the feet flat on the surface. Lack of R.O.M. in the ankles will also be a contributing factor. Subsequently there will be an overload on the plantar structures, resulting in inflammation\pain.

In order to address this in the short run, I advice patients to purchase a set of insoles and cut out a circle, right where the discomfort\pain is experienced. In this way the surrounding tissue will absorb the pressure and the inflammation will get a ‘brake’.
In the long run the shortened calf muscles will have to be addressed by means of Deep Tissue Mobilization, Stretching; Along with Joint Mobilization of the ankle joints.  At home, using a frozen water-bottle to roll under the bottom of the foot will be helpful. Do this about 10-15 minutes at the time, 2-3 times/daily.

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