Pinarello Pinarello Graal Carbon 60HM1K Monocoque – CDE 533

Pinarello Pinarello Graal Carbon 60HM1K Monocoque – CDE 533

And yet again……..
another beautiful speed demon at the shop!!!
This time she won’t leave the shop,
other than with Mark Miller….


The invaluable experience gained with DOGMA coupled with the grand tradition of Pinarello time trial bikes, and the new Pinarello Lab construction techniques SOE System (Simulation Optimize Evolution) contributed to the design of the new forms and the advanced technology employed in this extraordinary project. Compared to its predecessor, FM1, Graal has completely new geometries, steeper seat tube angles and a vertical seat post.

The new tube sections are created with computer, including the waves on the down tube, designed to minimize weight and maximize performance. The front brake is situated behind the fork, to further increase the aerodynamic coeffificient. GRAAL is available in two versions: one specififically designed for Shimano Di2 electronic shifting with cables run fully inside the frame and battery perfectly integrated into the rear chainstay. The second version, for mechanical drive trains, also has internal cables but no battery housing thus the chainstays are thinner.

To complete the project, we created a handlebar that perfectly integrates with the frame and forms a single body with it. The ANURA handlebar has internal passage for both electronic and mechanical cables to achieve clean forms and aerodynamics. Width 410 mm C/C and handlebar coupling equivalent 120 mm, 105 mm, 90 mm. Interchangeable extensions (various widths and tilt angles), adjustable in height and length. Adjustable pads. The GRAAL frame and ANURA handlebar are made of Torayca 60HM carbon fifibre with 1K fifinish and Nanoalloy technology.


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