Matthew Russell and Cobb Cycling

Matthew Russell and Cobb Cycling

This past Friday I spent most of the day with Paraic McGlynn at Cyclologic.  I also had the pleasure to meet and spend the day with John Cobb with Cobb Cycling.  At Cyclologic I tested multiple saddles to determine what is the most comfortable saddle.  I had to try multiple saddles with multiple trial runs.  It felt like I did 50 trial runs but it was probably closer to 25 or so.  Most of the trial runs I tested at 220 watts as the control but I did get up to 300-320 watts on some of the trials.  I won’t disclose too much information because Jay Prasuhn will be writing a detailed article on this in Lava Magazine.  I will say that Cobb had some saddles that were certainly more comfortable than others.

John and Paraic accessing my position.


This is a side view and this test was painful! It feels like it looks.


This photo above is a test with the same saddle using the technology of GebioMized. The only difference is; in the left image I am wearing cycling bibs, in the right image I a wearing tri shorts. A good consideration is to train with your tri shorts more when you get closer to race day.

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