Interbike 2010 – Louis Garneau Vorttice

Interbike 2010 – Louis Garneau Vorttice

All triathletes and time trialists are constantly looking to shave drag resistance in effort to produce quicker times. Well, here is a new helmet called The Vorttice, from Louis Garneau, that is supposed to help in this area!

Notice the common dimples in the front, but a shortened tail that is covered by a plastic plate on the underside. Garneau has termed this section the ‘Evacuation Channel’ which is supposed to move air through/around the helmet’s dimensions effortlessly.

There has been some buzz among the helmet manufactuers that a rounder helmet coupled with a shorter tail (or lack of tail all together) may be the future standard!

Please visit this link, which shows why Louis Garneau thinks this will be a revolutionary helemt. Should arrive at PB sometime in the spring of 2011.


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