Help Wanted….

Help Wanted….

I’m trying to figure out who is upset here and at what. Is it the first guy with his attack on Jonathan? Is it the guy that ran to Jonathan’s defense attempting to make him fell better about the first guy’s comments, while at the same time getting mad at Ruud for a post he made,…. And getting mad at Mark for letting Ruud take care of his blog? Or, is it the guy on the Cervelo? I know the Earth Shattering guy is mad. I know Cole is not mad. Ruud is probably upset because his day was interrupted. Mark is probably upset because Ruud was hurt by the words of the Earth Shattering guy. Jason Meaux is mad because he hurt his back again by ducking from the mud being slung around. Charlie Kibbe is mad because there was a guy doing the Time Trial on a motorcycle and he didn’t get to see it. It’s completely obvious they upset Smitty. He was over it but now he’s mad at Ruud for posting his DNF last week.

It goes to show you how the SINGLE ACTION of one person making a negative comment about someone can unleash a barrage of attacks on a number of people causing MORE harm than they originally INTENDED. I hope one lesson was learned here. (Think before we speak.)

Thanks Mark and all the folks at Precision

Randy Domingue


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