From the PB webmaster

From the PB webmaster

I was not in the mood earlier this week to do a post on the horrific crash we experienced during the Michelob Ultra ‘La Vuelta de Acadiana’ Cat5 Race last Saturday.

Between having Niels over, trying to recoup myself and also tender to Mark, it has been a hectic time.
The dust is settling now, Niels is home :( Mark is home :) and I’m back at work :))
My shoulder is still trying to give me fits, but the swelling is going down as time goes on.
I can put out force with my arm, yet traction or the hanging down of my arm still hurts.
Any time I think to feel some pain I think of Mark (and at the same time I pop a pill) and my pain lessens!
I’m a little suspicious about some instability of the Sterno-Clavicular joint
(where collar bone meets the breast bone) and will check in with an orthopedic doctor tomorrow morning.
As three days have past since the crash, some other parts of my body are letting me know, they were involved in the spectacular landing as well…. The fact it cracked my helmet should give you a slight idea of how vicious the impact was.
Please believe me I feel blessed the way I came away from this.
It still blows my mind how quick all of this took place and in talking more with Mark it is becoming clear now that Lars Johnson (Tiger Cycling Foundation, Race# 268) indeed did a phenomenal job of taking out 3 Precision Bikes Racing Team members while all of us were flying at about 30mph! I suggest his bike will be marked with one of these tall white antenna’s with a red flag for any of the future rides he’ll take part in….

Saul Dupuis was the first one to hit the deck, Mark somehow avoided colliding with Saul, but went down when Lars Johnson cut in front of him.
And when Saul, down on the pavement, all of a sudden appeared in front of me, I only could go ‘up and over’ him.
The ’360′ somehow saved me from worse injuries and my sweet Merlin from worse damage!

It would have made for a great “youtube” clip….

Racing is fun
Crashing is exciting
Realizing there is more to life than taking too much risk…
a life-time lesson!


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