Concerning comments…

Concerning comments…

I felt compelled to write this in response to the comment left re: the Lake Fausse Point Social Ride, though it has been on my heart on several prior occasions. No intent to unlock a discussion, though feel free to email me at: precisionbikes@gmail. com

I would like to encourage anyone to leave comments on our posts. However when criticizing, please do it in a constructive manner. When addressing someone, please do so by name, rather than by generalizing, (we have 40 or more riders wearing the ‘Precision Bikes’ kit, it does not seem right to me, assuming the actions of few, represent the entire Precision Bikes team/group). Furthermore I’d like to encourage everybody to sign with first and last name.
Also be aware of the option to address the webmaster directly by emailing at
I thank you kindly for keeping this site a friendly, informative and encouraging medium, supporting our shop and our beloved sport.


The Webmaster;)


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