Chris “Macca” McCormack wins his second Ironman title

Chris “Macca” McCormack wins his second Ironman title

McCormack wins his second title

To the scientists who said he couldn’t ever win in Kona, Chris McCormack has a simple message: you got it wrong.

In 2002, Chris McCormack rolled to the Big Island here in Hawaii and boldly stated that he was here to win the Ironman World Championship. That year he dropped out along Alii Drive. A year later he also dropped out of the race. Eventually he finished sixth, then had an impressive second, and finally won in 2007. That day he proved to those scientists that he didn’t sweat too much, that he didn’t have problems with heat and humidity, that he could not only beat the best Ironman athletes in the world, but that he could overcome the tough conditions typical here in Hawaii to do it.

“The day is always ridiculously tough,” said Chris McCormack at today’s press conference. “It’s important to do the little things right. Last year we went back – me and my team – and looked at what we needed to change.”

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