Cervelo S5 Di2

Cervelo S5 Di2

“With an overall stiffness increase thanks to the BBright™platform, this is not only a super-fast bicycle, but one that’s agile andresponsive at top speeds, while smooth and comfortable on the toughest roadsurfaces”

ShieldingSeat Stays

Hiding the rear brake from the wind, not from the rider. Properlyformed seat stays hide the brake and improve air flow over the calliper.

Builtfor Bottles

Drinking is something that every rider needs to do. By taking thisneed into account during design, the overall result is a faster ride.


Positioning the down tube perfectly saves drag on the system bytaking into account the interaction between the front wheel and the frame.


BBright optimizes system stiffness and weight while allowing forthe largest range of crank compatibility in a modern press fit system

ExtendedSeat Tube Cutout

Maximized extended cutout that smoothes airflow from frame towheel, yeilding one of the largest single reductions in aerodynamic drag.

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