Ceepo Stinger 52cm / Fully Build Ready To Roll Out!

Ceepo Stinger 52cm / Fully Build Ready To Roll Out!


Designed for riders that like to pedal with a high cadence applying medium power. Very stiff frame and super comfortable ride. This is NOT Ceepo’s “low-end bike” (we do not produce “low-end bikes”). It is the most affordable because the carbon fiber mix required to achieve the unique STINGER ride is slightly less expensive. Do not let the lower price confuse you, the STINGER is still better than most and competes with the “high-end” models of the majority of our competitors.

Material 80% 40T & 20% 30T mix of high modulus carbon

Fork Full carbon fork (including steering tube)

Frame weight (M) 1,400g

Fork weight 480g

UCI rules compliant No


Full aero seat post with clean integrated seat clamp. High aspect ratio on down tube and seat tube. Look at the bike from the front and you will notice that the tire is as thin, if not thinner than the down tube!

Production Process

Specially STINGER oriented hand laid carbon fiber layup for specific riding characteristics optimizing balance of ultra efficient power transfer and vibration absorption.


Full internal cable routing with shift cable stops for aerodynamics and smooth operation. Balanced frame geometry designed for stable and responsive straight-line handling. 1-1/8” Integrated headset.

$4300.00 Retail/Size 52cm

Vision Aero bars

Durace Shifters

Ultegra Brakes

Ultegra Front der

Durace Rear Der

Fuclrum 5 Wheels

Most Carbon Cranks.

Please stop in and view this sexy bike in person, or better yet, get on it and feel what the talk is about…


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