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Pictured here on the cover of Bicycling Magazine,
the Wilier Imperiale designed by John Cobb.
Precision Bikes thought of it as another feather in John’s hat.

The cost, the flex, the paranoia about possible fragility:
These are things we wouldn’t mind sparing ourselves.
We’re smart enough to know that the goal is to ride faster for a given power output, and that at a certain point your focus shouldn’t be on shedding grams of mass and instead should be on shedding grams of drag.
The Imperiale you’re seeing from one of Italy’s best-respected frame manufacturers, Wilier, is build with this principle in mind.

Wilier has already spent considerable time pondering aero issues in the development of their Cento Crono family of TT bikes.
They’ve consulted extensively with aero mastermind John Cobb,
and they’ve combined their lessons learned with details from the Cento1 to make their first-ever frame specifically designed to maximize speed by minimizing drag.