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Found this video at the Ahearne Cycles website.
Check them out for other time lapse goodness, and excellent custom bike builds.
Looking at the picture above it is easy to see that we’ve come a long way.
Though the art of wheel building remains,

bringing lighter materials and aero dynamic research into the picture,
gets us to the One Hundred below.
No fancy names here, just One Hundred millimeters of badass tubular race wheel.
Blackwell Research designers have spent over one thousand hours in wind tunnel testing and studying wheel performance.
Airflow relationships with different tire diameters, sidewall shapes and spoke counts have defined an optimal wheel that is lightweight and spectacularly aerodynamic.
The shape of the “inner nose” is designed to be easily managed in crosswinds.
As a non-disc wheel, the One Hundred has no aerodynamic equal and is hundreds of grams lighter than most disc wheels while offering unmatched watts reduction for the rider.
Blackwell Research brings you the next step in wheel evolution.
The “angel hair” finish saves weight and adds stiffness.
A special braking surface made of “lava dust” and carbon fiber allows controlled and positive braking.
Blackwell Research continues to explore the envelope in search of better performance.
The Blackwell One Hundred front:
MSRP: $850.=
Now on sale for: $300.=
This wheel will make you look fast,
even if you don’t go fast!!!