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Volvo has always had the stigma of being an extremely safe vehicle for the people inside the car, but what about those that are outside? Well, in 2010 Volvo introduced its pedestrian detection system which utilized radar built into the car’s grill along with a camera between the windshield and the rear view mirror to identify potential collision hazards. As an update to the system, Volvo is now factoring in cyclists that may suddenly swerve into the vehicle’s path. A cyclist doing so would trigger the vehicle’s brakes to be fully deployed, bringing the car to a halt and hopefully preventing any injury to the cyclist. Unfortunately for current Volvo owners and cyclists alike, thanks to the new programming needing a stronger processor, earlier vehicles with the previous pedestrian monitoring system will not be able to upgrade to the new cyclist added version. Also, the cyclist detection system has to be installed at the factory when the car is being built – so purchasers will have to order the system in advance, for a hefty sum of at least $2,700. However, like most technology it is likely to come down in price in the future and you have to give Volvo credit for looking our for cyclists’ safety while on the road as well.