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Howard Vidrine


A 34-year-old man is being held on a $253,500 bond after he allegedly struck and killed a cyclist with his vehicle. The victim was an Atlanta firefighter who was in New Orleans to participate in Sunday’s Ironman competition.
To read the full article on WAFB, please click here.

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NO14 NO4 NO5 NO6 NO7 NO8 NO9 NO10 NO11 NO12 NO13NO3 NO1

Congrats to all athletes!

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Sunday April 13 2014
Live Streaming on:

Monday, April 14 2014
Paris Roubaix, TBD, NBCSN

Mark Miller and Linsey Corbin
Last Ride with Brett Relick this morning, Lafayette will miss you. Thank you for being a great friend!

Brach we hope you have a great Birthday!

UL bike lanes installed on St. Mary
02/07/2014 – 03:50 PM

News from UL: The UL Lafayette fleur de lis symbols are being applied to the bike lanes on St. Mary Blvd. today, between McKinley and Johnson Streets. 

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Huge shout out to all who gave there all this morning, total head count was 44. Big thanks to Stanley Lerille and Chris Muller for the Jambalaya and the use of the Corner Bar in Youngsville. Thanks Kevin Castille for the use of the clock, Amanda Shone for her support and filming, Marcus Dudoit for running the start line. Our man Mike Kinler was the first person to cross the line. Thanks for all the support.

We just received our first Zipp Super 9 Disc, the wheel looks great. Stop and check it out.