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We have arrived at LENT!
A time of ‘fast’ or ‘giving up’ something….
When doing this for a period of 40+ days, it provides one with the unique opportunity to implement something ‘new’ in the hiatus created by whatever has been given up.
How about taking a holistic approach to life, training and competing?
Change is tough though,
so how about the suggestion getting professional help in the new creation?

The Holistic Athlete’s training programs are based upon Rick Crawford’s proprietary training methodology that has guided dozens of national champions, multiple world champions in various cycling disciplines, including several Tour de France participants. Through exhaustive experience, and relentless self-study, Rick has developed an extremely comprehensive program that has been instrumental in developing some of the world’s best cyclists and triathletes. At the hub of our methodology is to have the ultimate respect for the Central Nervous System as the governor for success. Molding coaching programs to the athlete to create consistency and longevity is the key to achieving potential.
We are blessed with the fact Jared Quoyeser has moved back to Lafayette, LA.
Jared and his family have lived in Colorado and California for 16 years.
Jared is in his third decade as an endurance athlete and has over 200 endurance events under his belt. Jared’s racing experience is as wide as it is deep, with podium spots in
triathlon, Xterra, road cycling, mountain biking, winter triathlon and snow shoe races (uphill and cross country).
In addition to racing as an elite in cycling (road and mountain biking) and triathlon, Jared has been training athletes since 2004 and power based cycling programs since 1998.

Jared’s endurance endeavours have always been in balance with a career in corporate America, which has led to the development of a training methodology that balances the demands of each. Theses demands led Jared to become a pupil of Rick Crawford’s coaching/training methodology of having the utmost respect for the role of the Central Nervous System as the governor of success, both athletically and professionally.

In the event this post sparked your interest, you can contact Jared via:

The Holistic Athlete

Jared is a first class person/athlete and always a joy to be around!
(Besides his tremendous knowledge in the arena of training and competing, Jared also can tell you a thing or two about how to treat your equipment, park your bikes safe in your garage, etc.)