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As of this morning Tim Thomas finished in a time of 14:15 and Keith Barras finished in 16:09.
No other time was posted. Congrats Tim on a 8th place finish in his age group and Keith Barras is the man finishing his first Ironman in no doubt one of the hardest races out there.
Claudia did cross the finish line in true Ironman Style.
She stayed back and walked with a young girl who needed some help to make the finish.
Even though they were after cut off, they both received medals.
Claudia, I am sure the woman you helped will never forget you, great Sportsmanship.
Hope to see all of you soon.

Just a update, just finished checking on Tim and Claudia Thomas and first timer Keith Barras.
All three are having a day in Utah.
All are off the bike and running, we are hoping for great finishes.
They can be tracked on
and then click on Althlete Tracker.
Have a great journey guys.