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In this day and age we are so goal oriented and have so many projects on our list. It makes it easy to consider sleep, a ‘wasted time’ and try to fill our evening with, watching the news or realty shows on TV.
It is a phenomena I see in patients and athletes alike. For both categories sleep should be their best friend. While for patients pain and suffering depletes their energy levels, the same applies for athletes, with their rigorous training- and race schedules. Sleep deprivation does more than make people drowsy. Sleep-deprived individuals gain weight, experience more pain, stiffness and musculoskeletal injuries. Hypertension and glucose levels are related to sleep disturbance. Sleep disturbance in athletes can slow glucose metabolism by 30% to 40% and increase levels of cortisol, impairing physical performance and recovery. Lack of sleep can affect motor and cognitive skills at the same level of 3 to 4 cocktails!
It is well known that sleep is the time when all body systems/cells repair/replace themselves.

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