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Who: Precision Bikes/CornerBar
What: 10 Mile TT
When: May 5th
Where: Sawmill Road
Why: Because it is awesome!

**First time trial, we had a great turn out! May is also National Bike Month so lets start it off right!
Everyone MUST wear a helmet! Please plan to be at the location at least by 6:15 and SIGN IN!

*We will have ONE prize go out to the best dressed for Cinco de Mayo!


FIRST TIME TRAIL 2015 Moved to Sawmill Road!

Due to construction on Chemin Metarie we’ll have the TT on the “old” location on Sawmill Road.3TT

FIRST Time Trail of the season will be onTuesday, April 7th 2015

ROLL OUT at 6:30pm!

Give yourself enough time to get there and gear up!

10 Miles (5 out / 5 back)

Helmet mandatory.

The Sawmill Rd bridge that crosses I-10 is now NOT passable for liability reasons….
Construction workers have informed us that it will take about a month to reopen!
Have a great Thursday!