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John Cobb, the aerodynamics guru and designer of the new Rudy Project Wing 57 aero helmet, 
sits down with Kevin Taddonio of This Week in Triathlon.


Triathlon helmets aren’t typically something I get super excited about. But the new Rudy Project Wing57 time trial helmet has some really innovative features that really stood out.
It’s a progression from the Wingspan they introduced a while back and was developed with aerodynamics guru John Cobb. At first glance, the biggest difference is the lack of an extended tail section. Instead, it uses a central fin on the exit port that has a magnetic extension to fit different rider back/neck shapes. It’s called the Vortex Killer, and it’s designed to reduce turbulence while helping pull more air through the helmet and balance out the high pressure zone typically created at the front of a helmet.
To see more pics and read the full article in BikeRumor, click here.

I was able to visit Ruud today at his home. I know he is still in pain but he is back in the comfort of his home. He looks much better even though his shoulder and chest area is still very swollen. We are thinking about you and you are in our prayers. mm

Visited yesterday and this morning with Ruud in the hospital.
His surgery lasted over three hours.
Everything went OK but as of this morning he is still in a lot of pain.
He is supposed to get discharged today but I am not sure it will happen.
Our hopes are with you, Godspeed on your recovery. mm

The Rudy Project Wingspan Time Trial Helmet, currently used by the Milram team in the Tour de France, features a new tail design developed in cooperation with industry guru John Cobb. Its super-aerodynamic shape apparently resulted in a 6-to-13 second benefit over three competitors during a 40km test trial. The vent covers in the front and rear are removable for triathlons, and a retail version (in white/silver matte, white/red/blue matte or black/silver matte) is expected to hit the streets at under $300 later this month.