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This test is free and only requires you to register with so that they can email you your test results. It compares your ‘chronological’ age or the age that shows on your birth certificate/drivers licence, to your ‘real’ age. Your RealAge is the biological age of your body, based on how well you’ve maintained it.
The RealAge Test, a patented, flagship product, is the first measurement standard for healthcare. The test provides medically valid metrics that compare biological versus calendar age, based upon your answers to the test. This health metric has received widespread consumer, medical, and scientific acceptance. RealAge experts developed the unique metric by reviewing 25,000 medical studies, which revealed 125 different factors that can influence rate of aging.
We all know of some factors that have a positive influence on our longevity, such as exercise, healthy nutrition, etc. We also know of some factors that have a negative influence on our longevity, such as high cholesterol, high levels of stress, etc. This test might give you some more insight in what you can do/not do, to improve the quality of your life. When registering with this web site, it’ll give you various options, to what degree you’d like to receive future info, if any at all.