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Brian’s Day 3 Race Results
Saturday 75 Mile Road Race – Brian Takes 1st Place!!!
Well I woke up Saturday morning kind of stiff from Friday’s road race. But I massaged and stretched and used my magic stick and by 12:00 my legs were feeling pretty good. Once again, I wasn’t too confident going into the stage. I wasn’t sure how long I would last in the hills after 110 miles of them the day before. But I got ready and got my bike checked and everything and headed to the start line. The starts were delayed a little because they were waiting for the pro women to come back so the pro men could get the race radios. So we started around 3:40 instead of 3:15. But no big deal. We started and I wasn’t feeling too bad. My cramp from Friday was still pretty sore so I just pedaled without using that muscle too much. We rode 11 miles then started the 23 mile loop. We did the loop 3 times. Loop after loop I was feeling better and better but my back was killing me. It was hurting enough to keep me in the back half of the peleton for almost the whole race. My legs were feeling good though. Just to throw a little humor in, everybody stopped for a courtesy pee break. So we’re all doing our business and a lady walks out of her house and is just standing there looking at 20-30 people peeing in the ditch right in front of her house. You should’ve seen the look on her face. Well anyway, we finished our loops and were heading back on the 11 miles to the finish. I was feeling awesome so I moved myself way to the front. Metro was controlling the race so I just got on their wheel and let them chase down attacks and stuff. With about 8 miles to go, we had just caught a little breakaway and the pace slowed down a whole lot, I think metro was done controlling for the day. We hit a pretty big uphill and I attacked. At first it was just me and one other guy. I hammered all the way up the hill and we had a little gap. I waved him through to take a pull because I was so spent from getting the gap. Well he slowed down a whole lot and the pack was right behind us. He gave up and went back to the pack just as we were hitting another big uphill, so I attacked again and got a huge gap with Peter Carey(1st in GC) on my wheel. I wasn’t sure to be happy he was with me or not. He’s really strong, so I was happy, but at the same time, I wasn’t sure if the peloton was going to let the guy in 1st place get away again like he did Friday before the finish. But after I got the big gap, I waved him through and he looked at me and said lets go Brian, we got this. That f***er knew my name. So we hammered and drilled it and two other guys bridged up to us. The motor ref pulled alongside us and said we had a 27second gap. The other two riders weren’t much help at all. One was too weak to take good pulls, and the other guy had a teammate that was 2nd in GC so he didn’t want to take any pulls and help Peter get even more ahead. So it was just me and Peter hammering in the front. My speedometer read 89.7 miles, I figured we still had 2 miles to the finish. Well we came over the top of a climb and there it was, the finish line about .5 miles ahead. I got off the front and Peter pulled through. He gave me a look like, I’m not here for the stage, just the time on the field. So he led us out to the finish line. It was an uphill finish and the guy with the teammate in 2nd attacked. I got on his wheel then just passed him and cruised in for the win. I through my hands up. I couldn’t believe it. I went into this race just wanted to finish with the pack and I came away with a stage win. It was awesome. On top of that, some of my family came down from Missouri to watch, so they were there to see me take it home. I waited around and got my bike rolled out again, and then it was to the finishing podium. They had the podium presentation like in the TdF and it was awesome. The only thing, my hair was kind of messed up. My mom got some pictures, and my cousin got a video of me crossing the finish line so I’ll see if I can get that from him and e-mail it to you guys. It was simply amazing. I’ve won time trials, and I’ve placed really well before, but nothing compares to crossing the finish line in 1st. With the 15 second time bonus for 1st, and coming in 18 seconds before the main pack, I moved up to 9th overall. Top ten baby. I forgot to mention it in my other reports, but the Monday before this race, Mark got in my new Specialized Tarmac Pro and built it up for me Monday night to my understanding and I was able to ride it Tuesday. A huge thanks to him for putting it together in time so I can race it. The bike’s been riding awesome Mark. Thanks a bunch. And a big thanks to my mommy who came with and did my feeds for me. We’ll see how the crit goes today. I’m going to try and hold that top ten, maybe even move up a little.
No post from him on the Criterium Sunday, but it appears he ended up in 15th place, after winning the RoadRace on Saturday!
Brian Ended up 9th overall in the G.C.!
from all of us @ Precision Bikes
Brian’s Day 2 Results
Friday 110 Mile Road Race!
The race didn’t start til 1:00 so I was able to take my time in the morning and sleep in a little bit which was nice. It started storming at about 9:30ish and I was getting nervous. Looking at the radar, it looked like it was going to pass over in time. When we left the hotel it was lightly drizzling but everything was wet wet. I got dressed in the car so I wouldn’t get wet and signed in and got my bike rolled out for my junior gears. They’re really serious about the junior gears over here. So we lined up and it was still drizzling. Right before we started, they announced that they had enough police support to provide a full rolling enclosure for us, meaning we’d get the whole rode, like a pro race. That kind of lightened everybody’s mood. Well the race started and there was a neutral rollout for the first 9 miles. I was so nervous I didn’t know what to do with myself. My legs were shaking, my arms were shaking, my heart rate was through the roof, and my teeth were chattering. I don’t know, I was just so nervous. Well at about mile 15 I finally calmed down. I sat in the back of the pack for the first 40 miles or so. There was a pretty big climb before the first feed zone at mile 47 and surprisingly I was feeling awesome on the climb and moved up towards the front of the pack. I successfully retrieved my feed from my mom and we were down the road again. I was feeling awesome awesome. It’s like the hills really weren’t affecting me. Well there was a 10 mile 1700 feet climb at mile 75. I felt really strong and even attacked a couple times but always blew up and got caught by the pack. I stayed in the top 20 riders of the pack for pretty much the whole rest of the race. I ran out of gels with 30 miles to go and was pretty nervous. I was okay on water, but not happy with being completely out of food. After that big climb the rest of the race was literally almost all downhill. People tried attacking but nothing would stick. I was doing okay and was even thinking about getting myself positioned for a sprint. I held my position but caught a cramp with 200m to go. I finished with the pack but the officials decided to split up the pack and put me 22seconds behind the main group. I ended up placing 40th in the road race which dropped me down 2 places for 25th overall. The experience was awesome. The scenery, the climbing, going downhill at 50mph riding my brakes, having the whole road, it was all awesome. In total, there was somewhere around 5,000 feet of climbing today. Tomorrow there’s supposed to be close to 7,000 feet of climbing and it’s 20miles shorter. We’ll see how that goes with tired legs. Peace out guys and I’ll update you after tomorrow.

Brian’s day 1 race results!

Well, I don’t know where to start. We drove halfway Wednesday afternoon and drove the rest of the way to the time trial this morning. The Joe Martin was going to be a whole new experience for me. Bikes were going to be checked for UCI standards, USADA(United States Anti Doping Agency) was going to be doing random tests, and I was going to be riding in the mountains (atleast they are mountains for me). The time trial was 2.5 mile with a total of 680 feet of climbing. I rode the course before they closed the course and held a pretty steady 11-12 mph just chilling and taking it somewhat easy. I was thinking, man, if I was doing 11-12 just chilling, I can probably hold 16-17 in the actual time trial. Well I guessed wrong. I did my routine warm-up, got my bike checked, and went to the start line. The first 3/4 mile of the time trial was mostly flat with a slight downhill. I started out strong doing about 31 mph. Then the road started picking up. I was feeling strong so I was pushing pretty hard. I forgot to follow Stan Prutz’s advice and I pushed a little too hard. Just as i was running out of steam, the road really picked up. I looked down at my speedometer and i was doing 11 mph all out. The incline was 11%. I held that speed and got some breath back and picked it up again. After that it was all out to the finish. I don’t think i’ve ever been so happy to see the 200m to go sign. I didn’t quite catch my 30sec man but I didn’t get caught either. Overall I was happy with my time. I managed to pull out a 9:28 with an average speed of 15.7 which is 2 seconds faster than my goal time. Placing, i got 23rd. I missed top 20 by 2 seconds. Just to give you an idea of how hard the time trial was, my average heart rate was 101%, that translates to about 196bpm. It was cool to see all the pros race and start. I felt so little and insignificant. Oh, and Floyd Landis was there too. I didn’t see him but he was there. Oh, and one last piece of information, the winning pro time was 8:03.

One more thing, if I was a pro girl, I would’ve got 1st, just to brag a little.

Here is a link to the results for the men 1,2 and pro women. The Joe Martin Stage Race website isn’t working but I found the results on a different website.

I’ll update you guys after my 110 miles of hell tomorrow.
Brian Rizk

Precision Bikes is sending “Good Luck” wishes!!!
Brian Rizk will be competing in the Joe Martin Stage Race this weekend.
This is the first NRC (National Race Calender) event ever participated by a Precision Bikes Team member.
He will have his hands full.
Brian is entering the men 1,2 class with some excellent competition!
For more info on the race click here

Precision Bikes Racing took another overall victory in the P,1,2 division this past weekend for the Raising Canes Time Trial Omnium. The omnium consisted of back to back Time trial events in which a 4-man – 2-man – then individual TT events were held over two days of racing. Each individual event was won by the teams consisting of Jed Darby, Jacob Falgout, Brian Rizk, and myself. In the end Brian Rizk took the overall victory in the individual, clinching the overall victory and fastest times of the day! The course record was missed in the 4 man by 1 min and 15 seconds over 32 miles. The average speed was 28.4 mph for the 32 mile / 3 lap course.
Once again – Thanks you for your time and most importantly your financial support. Take care!
Glenn-”The Rocket”-Richard

Mark “Pops” Miller
raced with his 3 ‘sons’ (Eric Bernard, Chase Bourgeois and Sott Guidry) in the 4 man TTT. They stunned the field and took 1st place in the “Cat5″! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Precision Bikes Racing Team had a dominating affair at the TT race!
Brian Rizk took 1st place in the 4 man TT (with Jeb Falgout, Glenn Richard and Jeb Darby); 1st place in the 2 man TT (with Jeb Falgout), as well a 1st place in the Individual TT!
Erin Schilling took 1st place in the 4 (wo)-man TT!

Congratulations to all racers!!!
For results click here
For more pictures click here
This will be a huge weekend for the Precision Bikes Racing Team!

They’ll be racing the MSGRANPRIX in Mississippi.
Friday a Criterium,
Saturday a Road Race followed later by a Time Trial,
finishing Sunday with another Criterium!

For more info click here



Translated from the French, it means “against the clock”.

In the cycling world, it refers to the time trial or “race of truth”.

It should be called, “poking yourself in the eye with a fork”.

One might ask, why would you call it that?

To which the answer would be; “because the only time it feels good is when you stop.”

The race in question was the 2 man TT put on in LaPlace this past sunday (3/22/09). It was a 40K (25 mile) out and back killer TT. Precision Bikes showed up and proved that we can stick forks in our eyes with the best of ‘em! Participants included Eryn and Scott Schilling. Scott didn’t think it was bad enough to go all out in a 25 mile time trial…he stayed out all night watching disney movies (I imagine that is what one does until 5 in the morning – I really have never been in a nite club). Scott you are the man. Mom said, “If you gonna be stupid boy, you better be tough” and Scott you are one tough individual and a good brother for not letting lil sista down!!

Jonathon Falgout raced the Cat 4 with someone from another team, but we still love him. Fact was, we didn’t have a match for the speedy lil bastard. Then in the Cat 5 there was the team of Saul Dupuis and Tony Morrow. These boys looked like they had a fork in each hand at the end of the 25 miles. I had tried to explain to them that if they ever started feeling good during a time trial, not to worry, that it would pass. Tony’s wife, Jenny, took plenty of excellent pictures. Their five year old son Cael was there to witness the festivities as well (more on my new buddy later).

Glenn “wheelie king” Richard and Trevor “Tri Canuk” Casper competed in the 35+ masters. And please don’t let that genre fool you. Those 35+ boys will tear you a new one. They managed a blistering 56′:56″ time for 3rd place in an extremely tough category. Congrats!

Dodd “Doodie” Foreman and Mark “Antonio Banderas” Miller competed in the prettiest hair category. No, I’m sorry that would have been Cat 5. They put down an impressive time of 58′:39″ to blister the field and take 1st place. Besides their matching skinsuits and booties, and the fact they are full bore tri-geeks, they were definately the two fittest/fastest guys to pass me in the TT. (Don’t tell them that they were the only ones to pass me). Congrats you two tri-wheenies – now get back to ironman. Dodd secretly told us after a couple of beers on the ride home (OK he didn’t drink them I did…) that he wants to become a “roadie”. I think I saw him in his garage with a hacksaw taking care of his aerobars once and for all!!

In the Fass Fass category as they say in my village…

Cat 1,2 we were well represented by the team of Brian “just off training wheels” Rizk and Jeb Falgout. Just to put things in perspective for you monkeys that have read this far into my report….Brian is still considered too young to ride a full set of cogs. His gearing is blocked at a 15 cog. You will understand the gravity of this statement when I tell you what these two yutes accomplished. Their time of 53′:28” (not a typo and no I don’t hvea dyslexia) was more than enough to win the whole shooting match. For those of you reading at home without a calculator, this translates to an average speed of 28.0521 mph. That will get you a ticket in most neighborhoods. You guys are incredible – Congrats!

Last but not least, was moi! and my teammate Eli “Elias” Ellsworth. Just as a little joke I signed up that morning under the “Pen Name” Elizabeth Smith. Damn joke cost me a one day license. I was attempting to have us race as Eli and Eli, well you know about the best laid plans. Enough said! That morning Cael Morrow, the five year old son of Tony and Jenny Morrow, became my new best friend. We met in the parking lot at Precision Bikes at 5am and I think Cael had more caffeine in him than I did. Kids tend to think I am a kid too…due to my tremendous height and my sourpuss/adultlike demeanor. He was a trip. I was peeing behind the team vehicle when he snuck up behind me with a stick and informed me that he thought the stick was bigger than me. I urinated all over my leg I was laughing so hard. I’m still not sure if he was referring to my height or something else (I prefer to think the stick was atleast 6 feet or longer!!). I digress…

Eli and I are both trail men. He usually rides them on a mountain bike and I like to run’em. This race wasn’t about trails however, it was about 25 miles of concrete, concrete, and more concrete. I did see two dead snakes! He is a class act and will become a roadie to contend with. He drug my sorry butt for 25 miles, slapped me around and called me Suzy (kept telling him I was Elizabeth). What a ride it was. Miller and Doodie passed us just after the turn around. You can ask them about how I told them how awesome they were and how proud I was to be passed by two fine upstanding young men such as themselves. (OK the words I used couldn’t be used in Prison or on a Fishing boat). Nonetheless, I only threw up in my mouth twice and I thoroughly enjoyed the pain inflicted upon me. One final thanks to Glenn for providing me with free beer after the race and not kicking me off the team for registering as a girl with no affiliation to our team.

Come to think of it, I never want to be part of a team that would have me as a member anyway…

SO THERE!! Until next time, mongoose out!!

Glenn Richard and Trevor Casper
3rd Place Masters 35+
Brian Rizk and Jeb Falgout
1st Place Cat1

Dodd Foreman and Mark Miller
1st Place Cat5
Smitty “Elizabeth” Smith and Cael Morrow
1st Place “Short People”

Brian Risk and Jeb Falgout
Winners Cat 1
Time: 53’30″

Glenn Richard and Trevor Casper
3RD Place Masters 35+
Time: 56′ 56″

Mark Miller and Dodd Foreman
Winners Cat 5
Time: 58′ 39″

(note: This was Dodd’s formal debut as a ROADIE!)
(We are still waiting on the results of Elizabeth Smith)

Congratulations to all participants!