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Casey in action at Precision Bikes! 

Precision Bikes has a new addition!
Casey Miller has joined the crew @ P.B. as of last week.
The evidence is visible upon entering the bike shop!
Casey has a keen eye for proportion, design and color coordination.
We hope you are as pleased with the changes as we are!
Casey’s organizational skills should help any of you, to shave about 30 minutes of your shopping time, thus more time to be spend on the bike, run or swim!
Blackwell OneHundred Front $300.= (MSRP $ 850)
Better hurry, only one left in store!

MavicKsyrium SL $1200.=

Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL $1199.=

Zipp VUMA CHRONO with Ceramic Bearings $1500.=

We need your help loading up our “Followers” Google Gadget.
This can be found in the column on the left.
With this tool we hope to make this site
more interactive and also more conducive to stay in touch with your fellow athletes.
It’ll take about 3 minutes of your time; Click the ‘follow’ button and sign in with your Google or Yahoo account.
Precision Bikes would appreciate you signing in with NAME and PICTURE.
Get creative, don’t be shy, be like
Thanks for your participation ;)
Even though motorized, one can not deny the beauty of this photograph!
We finally got it together!
It has been a long time coming,
but the Precision Bikes’ shop price list is here.
Hopefully soon we’ll set up a link on this site.
In the mean time I encourage you, while at the shop, to familiarize yourself with this list, indicating prices on all bike repairs and maintenance.
At PRECISION BIKES we offer, aside the normal repair and maintenance,
several ‘packages’ to overhaul your prized possession
in order to restore her back to pristine condition!
Hopefully this will help to take any guess out of your upcoming project.
As always, here at your own PRECISION BIKES we’ll do anything to keep you rolling safe yet fast, ferocious and looking good!
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