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Don’t forget!

Tuesday night is Precision Bikes Woman’s TIME TRIALS!

Same place same time!!! 6:30pm sharp, helmets required!

10 miles total out and back!

All levels of riders will be out there so come out for a great time with great people!
Any questions please call the shop at 337-981-7686!!!



Lets end the time trail season with a bang!

at 6:30pm 

All girls time trials!

Same Place same time!

Corner Bar Youngsville 6:30 pm

Riders of all levels!

Ten miles total down Chemin Metarie
Helmets required! Live course!
No prizes, just bragging rights!

Questions?! 337-981-7686

Huge night at The Corner Bar in Youngsville, thank you Stanley Lerille. Also would like to thank all the volunteers which for some reason were easy to come by, thanks guys! Matt Reid, Brett Rellick, Ryan Foster, Bo Deal and The Mongoose made a appearance, it was a great evening. Thank you ladies for making it a packed house of racers.

1    Anne Sagrera                            22.84  mph
2    Amanda LeFleur                       22.19
3    Jamie Scott                                21.92
4    Aimee Copeland                       21.49
5    Lauren Bonnette                       20.54
6    Jess Russo                                20.33
7    Ashley Delaune                       20.21
8    Kristin Broussard                     19.73
9    Mary Hays                               19.69
10  Carly Myers                             19.62
11  Jennifer Angelle                       19.51
12  Ruthie Toce                             19.34
13  Cindy Landry                          19.22
14  Paige Veron                             18.45
15  Alex Levinstien                       17.83
16  Megan Faucheux                     17.27
17  Anna Broussard                       17.24
18  Amanda Shone                        16.71
19  Stacie Dupuis                           16.68
20  Pam Thibodeaux                      16.00

I know for most of you this was your first TT, congrats to all of you!

Precision Bikes will have a women’s time trial today, September 17th
Start will be at the Corner Bar in Youngsville at 6:30PM….
Give yourself ample time to warm up and check your rig….
All are welcome! 
So even if your a beginner come out! 

Its a ten mile TT…

Helmet mandatory.