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Tuesday May 17th @ 6:15 PM


Every year, once a month until fall Precision Bikes  hosts a time trial, 5 mile out 5 mile back.
this is a FREE event and a way to improve your speed throughout training season.
We make it simple, we set up a timer at the finish line, and one by one you take off to test your training.

This event is LIVE Sawmill Road down and back.

Every rider MUST obey the law with traffic. We will have volunteers on the course helping at the turn around.
We have had great success each year and plan on keeping it going!

Come out and brings your A game!

Please get to Sawmill Road prior to 6:15 pm so that you are set up and lined up!
Helmets are required, no exceptions!

questions? 337-981-7686







Thanks to everyone who came out and participated in the TT!!

Also a heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers!
We had had a great success.

Thank you Corner Bar and Geaux Run!

To see more pictures, please click here.


Precision Bikes/ Corner Bar

FIRST Time Trail of the season will be tonight,Tuesday May 6th and will ROLL OUT at 6:30pm!

Give yourself enough time to get there and gear up!

10 Miles (5 out / 5 back)

Helmet mandatory.

LOCATION: Corner Bar Youngsville
1700 Chemin Metairie Rd, Youngsville, LA 70592
Questions?? 337-981-7686

Thanks to all who showed up tonight, we had a total of 20 women! Great turn out, this was our first girls night only! Would like to thank Stanley Lerille of the Corner Bar Youngsville and all of the volunteers who offered their time to help. Thank you Matt Reid for working the turn around.

Precision Bikes Time Trial – 7/2/13 from Jason Cohen on Vimeo.
Thanks Jason for your time and great video!!!