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Thanks to everyone who showed up for the TT, especially all the volunteers who made it happen being a two loop course. Thanks to the guys at the shop Matt Reid and Paul Drerup, Matt Delaune, Phillip Breaux, Heather Leblanc, Justin Martin and Scott Guidry. Also thanks to Stanley Lerille for the cold beverage afterwards and Chris Mueller for keeping things straight. Due to road conditions we had to do a two loop course, a little challenging, it tested some bike handling skills.

1   John Fell                               25.76 mph
2   Brach Myers                         25.31
3   Cole Leblanc                        25.26
4   Mike Kinler                          25.19
5   Ryan Foster                          24.75
6   Brad Soufflet                        24.16
7   James Breaux                       23.25
8   Cody Fontenot                     23.03
9   Chris Daniels                       23.07
10  Brent Benoit                       22.98
11  Bo Deal                              22.98
12  Brett Relick                        22.94
13  Kevin Vidrine                    22.69
14  Trey Copeland                   22.55
15  Keith Reed                         22.20
16  Aimee Copeland                22.04
17  Jim Winter                         21.80
18  Ryan O’Banion                 20.65
19  Ashley Delaune                20.59
20  Scott Broussard                20.55
21  Jennifer Angelle               19.72
22  Sean Landry                     19.36

Great showing tonight and thanks to all who made the TT. 
Big thanks to my crew Amanda Cole, Matt Reid, Keith Reed,
and The Webmaster Ruud Vuijsters for volunteering to work the TT. 
Stan Lerille was a gracious host and managed to have the roads swept and police on course which allowed everything to go off without a hitch. 
With a turnout of 26 riders we will be looking towards next months event. 
Final results will be posted with average speeds in the next couple of days. 
Here are the top 5.
Stanley Lerille   26.4 mph
Cole Leblanc
John Fell
Brach Myers
Dave Leblanc
Again thanks for the great turnout and thanks for the volunteers. MM

The time has arrived again…
Just want to give you folks a heads-up about the first 2013 TT next week Tuesday.
From now on the start of the TT will be at:

Stanley Lerille’s Corner Bar

1700 Chemin Metairie Rd,Youngsville,LA70592 
  (337) 451-4149
See map below. 

Precision Bikes-Corner Bar Time Trial 

Tuesday May 7th 2013 
Start @6:30PM 
It will be a 10 mile live race. 
Helmet required! 
No entry fee. 
The winner is entitled to bragging rights only! 
Please give yourself adequate time to check your rig and warm-up.