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Pinarello-f8-dogmaThanks to Pinarello’s new partnership with Jaguar, asymmetry has a new power animal. When it came time to introduce the 8th version of the Pinarello Dogma, the company not only looked to make a lighter, more efficient bike but one that was more aerodynamic as well. To do that they would enlist the help of one of the UK’s legendary auto manufacturers – fitting with the likes of team Sky. The result is a new bike that at first glance looks a bit more subdued compared to the Dogma 65.1, but is actually more asymmetric than ever.

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Just finished building, ready to roll out the shop for a happy customer…
Soon to be seen in full glory at the shop….
Pinarello’s 2014 bikes are embargoed for a bit, but at least one has leaked out and is making the rounds. Spotted here on Competitive Cyclist’s Facebook page is the upcoming Dogma Disc road bike. 
It’s built with the new SRAM Red 22 Hydro disc brakes, 
with what looks like Vision Trimax Carbon TC50 wheels…except for disc brakes.