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Meet the new Phat Cycle Fixie! 56cm.
“Flip/Flop” Hub.
Eye Catching design with Flashy rims…

Retails at: $400.=

This is the Phat Cycle Stretch,
a machine so comfortable you’ll cruise from morning into sunset!

Retail $ 550.=

These pictures display a different way of having fun on a bike, while including your kid(s).
These pics where taken by Jason “Rhino” Meaux, while pulling Sophia and Ansom.
The buggy can be ‘hooked’ to the chain-stay or used in a jogging fashion.
Get your own Phat Cycle at Precision Bikes…

Phat Cycles have arrived at Precision Bikes. Retail: $280.=
This is an ideal cruiser to put-put around the neighborhood.