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Honestly, I think there must be some type of competition over at Park Tool headquarters, because every year around Interbike, Park rolls out an incredible amount of new tools. Now, obviously the world of bicycles and bicycle wrenching is rapidly evolving and as such, new standards bring new tools.

However, when you look at a new tool like the BO-5 bottle opener shown above you could say that no one really needs a bottle opener with a built in cap catcher, but damn it, I want one! The idea is simple, mount the BO-5 on your wall and every time you open a beverage with the top of the bottle cage, the cap falls into the specially made water bottle and doesn’t end up rolling around on your workshop floor. Simple, yes. Clever and awesomely executed? Definitely.

I found this post on Bikerumor and thought it was worthy of posting,

because some of us just can’t get enough of unique gadgets…