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Photo: Precision Bikes Holiday Hours!

Smitty provided the entertainment during New Year’s Eve at the shop!

I would like to start off by saying thank you to all customers and friends for a great year!
My guys in the shop, friends and customers make up Precision Bikes.
I am blessed to be surrounded by good people, both customers and friends.
Thanks to all the triathletes and road racers who have visited my shop.
The year was both, challenging and fun.

The shop has seen quite some changes.
Tim Sharlow is no longer with us, he has made a move to C.A. Guitars. Best wishes to him and his family.
A couple of new faces are in the shop now.
A new guy in the front is Andrew Roehm, who comes from a swimming back ground and now incorporates a road bike in his exercise regime.
Clay Guillory works with us on a part time base and has good mechanic skills.
Jacob Whitmore is also working the floor as front guy and mechanic.
He has a triathlon back ground.
Finally we have a woman in the shop!
Jennifer Lastraps, a great girl to be around, competes on the UL Triathlon team and is now working the front on a part-time base.
My two main guys are Nick Smith and Josh Latiolais.
Both are skilled mechanics and can tackle any job. Nick has been with me well over a year and Josh has been around for 4 years, both are good guys who I can count on.

I would like to thank a couple of special guys who without I do not know what I would have done this past year.
After my bicycle accident in July while racing with the Precision Bikes race team I was unable to make it to the shop for two weeks.
John Cobb drove down from Tyler, TX and had the shop running like a well oiled machine.
Any time you can be around this guy you’ll learn something.
The other guy is a long time friend also, Ruud Vuijsters.
Ruud is a Physical Therapist by trade, but he runs my web site like no other.
He keeps me in check, makes Precision Bikes click and also keeps my body fine tuned.
Oh yea did I mention that he likes bikes too. You might want to check out his bike room.
Very orange and very impressive.

Our Tuesday night TT’s went well this past summer. Great attendance, with some fast ridden times from several riders.
Paolo Bettini (Eric Bernard) was seen in the shop several times this year, continuing his ongoing quest as King of the Parking Lot.
Will Jones from 4th Dimension Fitness conducted numerous lactate tests in the shop.
Lots to learn about training and physiology from this guy…. he is teaching me, that’s for sure. Chris (Macca) McCormick made it to the shop and we had a great ride with him before the 70.3 in New Orleans. Jeremy Johnson made it to the Ironman World Championship this year in Hawaii! Great guy, he definitely deserved it.

Sorry to ramble on, but the year was good and eventful!
Thanks to all who have helped with the continuation of Precision Bikes.
Last but not least, I am so grateful for my wife Michelle , Emma Rose and Molly and my now married daughter Casey Vaughn! All these girls put up with my dedication to training and racing.
Michelle had her hands full while I was recovering from my injuries this summer,
tending to me and the kids, while managing her job as pharmacist.
We look forward to another great year.
God Bless, Mark

Sure hope everybody closed out 2008 in a great way and is ready to start 2009 afresh, with a positive outlook.
Michelle and I followed our annual tradition by means of a visit to CharleyG’s last night. We are planning to enjoy some time off, therefore….
Precision Bikes will be closed tomorrow, Friday January 2nd, however we will be up and running on Saturday January 3rd regular hours.

There will be a ride Saturday morning, leaving from Red’s @ 7:00 A.M.
I expect a great turn-out, since most of us have some New Year’s resolutions to fulfill…

Hope to see you then!

At Precision Bikes we are all about change! (Sounds familiar??)
First of I would like to thank all of you for your tremendous support throughout the past year. It is a privilege to serve so many, who are in the business of staying/getting healthy and fast/faster!
I am attempting to give my web site a face lift, in order to make it more informative and interactive, while easier to maintain with the little computer knowledge I have ;)
Other changes that have taken place during 2008:
Precision Bikes has moved!
It was only a ‘next door’ move, but with that we have doubled our space and are able to get more bikes/stuff on display without crowding the shop. Also the repair area has become a state of the art facility, complete with a drill not to be found just in any bike shop!
And as you can tell, we are still a ‘work in progress’.
Another change: I have changed the brand for my Time Trial machine from Pinarello to Look. I hope to post a report on my experience with the new Look as soon as she’s build up and put through some miles.

Yet another change: Your Precision Bikes owner Mark Miller started in 2008 competing with the Senior Olympics and won the Gold Medal with my ‘rookie’ Time Trial!
Last month the Miller family went to Chicago, IL. Emma Rose, Molly and Hallie had a great Christmas. Hope everyone had a good Holy Week.

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Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!