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Mark Miller’s new Look 596 TimeTrial machine complete with PowerTap in full glory!

Ruud Vuijsters’ Colnago Master X-Light Molteni at the end of the road!

Dream come true!
Once in a while Mark lets me ( Ruud Vuijsters ) post to his site, so here it is.
Colnago has been a dream for me most of my life. When I was browsing Colnago’s web site at the end of last year, I came across this gorgeous classic steel frame, build and painted by Colnago, to commemorate the great Eddie Merckx, aka ‘The Cannibal”, while he raced for the Molteni team during the early 70′s. Aside Johan Cruijff (soccer), Merckx was one of my heroes!
It didn’t take too long for me to share my dream with Mark, who immediately got on the phone with his sales rep. Just to find out that only 3 frames were coming in (my size 58) and 2 of those already sold!
Needless to say, Mark put his name on the last available one (for right now).
She came in on Thursday, January 15th 2009
Mark, as always in his accommodating way, delivered the frame in person at my office.

Those of you that know me, are not surprised to find out that I label myself Type A/ OCD…. It couldn’t have been a day too soon to get my hands on this frame and here it was, delivered to my door,
(What can Precision Bikes do for you?)!

This is not a bike…. this truly is a piece of art!
If I didn’t like riding so much, I would frame it and hang it on the wall! That same afternoon Mark started to build up the bike as far as we could go. We are waiting on a few pieces to come in, before she’ll be completed and ready to take out on the road. I’ll post the build up in detail in the near future.

The Master X Light remains one of Colnago’s most sought after framesets. The Master X Light is classic and for 2009 Colnago pulled no punches by offering the historic Molteni Orange and Zabel Blue. The Master X Light is made out of Columbus DT 15V steel tubeset developed by Colnago and Columbus together in 2003. The frame is assembled via stunning chromed lugs for the purist who wants that classic ride that only comes from a lugged steel frame. Details include hand painted logos and detailing on the lugs, chrome chain stays, classic paint schemes, and the always beautiful Colnago logo on the one inch head tube. The Master X Light delivers the classic steel ride that turns rough roads silky smooth. The Master X Light was discontinued in 2005. The “Steel Is Real” crowd let their demands be known and Colnago brought back a true classic. This frame is a culmination of Ernesto Colnago’s 55 years experience of working with the best racers and experimenting to build the world’s best steel bike. The Master X-Light is available in 17 sizes between 49cm-65cm, and comes with the 1 inch Precisa steel fork.

I know I am biased, because Mark Miller has been a great friend to me for many years. Not only a great friend, but also one, always to coach, encourage and assist so many to become better athletes! It clearly shows that Mark loves doing, what he is doing at Precision Bikes. Seeing people who develop a deeper love for this awesome sport of cycling, drives Mark to a higher level of service and compassion.

Not often enough do I realize how fortunate we are, here in Lafayette, LA to have such a first class bike shop, where service is: ‘second to none’

(posted by Ruud Vuijsters)