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AnnBostonAnn is running her second Boston Marathon.

We wish her a beautiful day and Godspeed on the race!

Thanks for representing Precision Bikes in the North-East!!

Kenya’s Geoffrey Mutai won the Boston Marathon in
2 hours, 3 minutes, 2 seconds!!
The fastest anyone has ever run the 26.2 mile distance.

The previous best of 2:03:59 was by Haile Gebrselassie in Berlin 2008.
Because Monday’s race had a strong tailwind on a downhill course,
Mutai’s run is not recognized by track’s international governing body as a record.

For the full story, click here.

Jamie Scott ran the Rock-N-Roll Marathon this past weekend in San Diego.
She finished with a great time of 3:25.
Her kids and Jim Winter were there, cheering her on.
Enjoy the trip and safe travels home.


wishes all participants safe travels
a great race!

Jacob is the son of Renee and Stephanie Richard.
They used to live in Lafayette and now live in Houston.
Jacob has been battling Muscular Dystrophy.
Stephanie and Jacob did the Chevron Houston Half Marathon together this past weekend and I just wanted to share the story with all who know them.
They are good friends of mine and we are very proud of them.
Mark Miller

Unofficial results
Chevron Houston Marathon:
Jamie Scott 3:36
Chuck Bernard 3:28
Keith Manuel 3:27
Smitty Smith 3:18
John Fell 3:06
(all qualified for Boston)
Jim Winter 4:23
Congratulations to all!!
The following local athletes will be running the Houston Marathon on Sunday 01-17-2010.
Jamie Scott, Jim Winter, John Fell,
Keith “Pappy” Manuel and Smitty “Mongoose” Smith.
We wish all of you safe travels and a great race!

For more info on the Chevron Houston Marathon, please click here.

Just returned from another Rocky Raccoon trail run in Huntsville Texas. This was my third year in a row there. Did the 100 miler there last year. That was when all of the arguments amongst my friends as to my sanity ceased…they had their answer!! I did the 50 miler this year. It’s all part of my training for a stage race in the Ozarks next month (50k Friday/ 50 miler Saturday/ 20k Sunday), those that survive win something (I think a belt buckle). So far, in the past 4 weeks I’ve done a 50k (31 miles) trail race in Bandera, the New Orleans marathon, and then 6 days later this race. Mark Miller and Keith Manuel tried to kill me at last weeks marathon. It was supposed to be just a training day, but turned into a miserable 8:00 pace through the first half and then hang on to your intestines second half. I ended up blistered and a bit achy. Just the way you want to feel with 5 days to a 50 miler. Nonetheless, I got back on the trail and realized why I like it so much. The competition is against oneself and the urge to quit. It’s when you push those limits that you look deep within and find out what you are really about. How can you ever know how truly strong you are if you’re not willing to break yourself? Nuff philosophy from the village idiot. Suffice it to say, It was a bit hot for an ultra with temps reaching the upper 70′s and there was plenty of carnage on the course. I did hear some pretty funny quotes along the course and I’ll share those in parting….
“Any idiot can run a marathon, it takes a special kind of idiot to run an ultramarathon!”
“This is the prettiest trail I have ever vomited on!!”
and the funniest yet….
“Look Mabel, here comes one and he’s still running!!
Mongoose out!!

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Congratulations to all finishers in the
New Orleans-(half/full)-Marathon!
Hope to post individual times soon.