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I don’t know if it is just me, but it seems Carbon is getting some competition on the road! As of late some gorgeous Titanium bikes rolled out Precision Bikes and boy, do they look good. Please keep in mind, P.B. webmaster is just a bit partial to these awesome, build for life, titanium bikes!!!

As a newbie cyclist, much of my progress has depended on the state of my equipment. In effort to find the right bike for me, I shopped on eBay and printed the 25 best deals I thought would suit me.
I then walked into Precision Bikes and asked for this guy named Mark that everyone kept talking about. I handed him my folder of the 25 bikes and asked him to pick the best one to buy and in return, I would purchase all other accessories through him.

He looked at me like I was from Mars, and not knowing his rightful disdain for eBay, I pressed and said what’s it gonna be? He politely thumbed through the pages at lightening speed, and found an older Specialized Roubaix he thought would fit me perfectly.
So I bought it the next night.

After riding that bike for almost 4 months, I think Mark has had to replace damn near every component, fixed countless bent rims, and scratched his head at some of the problems I’ve been able to cause.
Since I started riding at 294lbs, and slimmed down to a svelte 248lbs, we have finally done all we can with the Roubaix, so you are now looking at my new bike…..
(notice the Campy Super Record 11?).

After countless hours of talking about what I wanted in a true road bike, and listening to the pros and cons of every single part selection on the bike, Mark has helped me create the perfect custom titanium Lynskey!
I can’t thank Mark, Nick, Tim, and Ruud enough for the fantastic encouragement and education on building my bike!
I also can’t imagine any other bike store giving me the attention and service I have received from Precision Bikes.
Yeah, Mellow Johnny’s may be the preference for some,
but I say give me Precision Bikes or nothing at all.

Thank You Precision Bikes!

Jason Meaux
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The R310 is designed for the serious amateur or professional competitor. With the oversized force-specific shaped downtube, the R310 possesses the stiffness, lightweight and durability required to withstand the rigors of competition and aggressive club rides.
Throw a leg over this beautiful Lynskey and understand what performance titanium is all about.
Lynskey Houseblend R310 Titanium w/Premier Opaque Paint
Size 54
Dura Ace-Ksyrium SL Wheels

We are very pleased to introduce the Lynskey Performance Designs titanium seatpost. Our post is intended for either road, off-road, and free-ride use and provides the fundamental requirements of a high performance seatpost: comfort, durability, lightweight, and ease of use. The shaft is crafted from aerospace grade 3al-2.5v titanium. It provides an unsurpassed combination of comfort and durability.The head design is very lightweight and functional. The 2 bolt design allows infinite and simple seat angle adjustment. This concept also guarantees no slippage of the saddle angle during riding as it does not rely on friction to hold the saddle angle in place.
However possibly the best part of this design is the tension rod that extends through the titanium shaft and transfers 100 percent of the stress during riding directly to the shaft. In other words this head design does not rely on bonding or welding to hold the head on the shaft. Historically bonded or welded head assemblies have been a potential problem area for titanium seatposts.
There are 2 6061 aluminum sleeves bonded into the top of the shaft using a Loctite epoxy adhesive. These sleeves create the needed surface area for the carbon fiber cradle to rest in.
Each post comes with 4mm ball-nosed allen wrench for ease of assembly
We are so confident in the function and durability of our seatpost that we offer a “NO QUESTIONS GUARANTEE”. Should your Lynskey seatpost not function correctly or fail in any manner for any reason we will replace the post or the failed parts.
SIZES: 31.6mm
LENGTHS/WEIGHTS: 350mm/170grams, 410mm/190grams
FINISH: Bright brushed
OFFSET: Zero degrees

Shaft: Aerospace quality 3al-2.5v titanium

Tension rod/upper saddle rail clamps, internal and external sleeves: 6061 anodized aluminum Lower saddle rail cradle: Carbon fiber composite Tension bolts: Aerospace quality 6al-4v titanium.

Precision Bikes is excited to announce that we are an authorized dealer for Lynskey Performance Bicycles!
Lynskey Family: “With over 25 years of experience helping the worlds top elite cyclists go fast, the question is, Why not choose Lynskey? We are experts and industry leaders in the fabrication of high performance titanium bicycles. We create the perfect ride along with perfect fit.
We are very pleased to introduce you to Lynskey Performance Designs. As a family we are very happy to, once again, be involved with bicycles. As you may remember, we founded Litespeed Titanium Components in 1986 and later sold the business in 1999. During that time, what we enjoyed most was having the good fortune to work with some of the world’s best bicycle designers and racing professionals. We learned what it takes to make a bike go very fast while withstanding the rigors of professional racing. We took great personal pleasure seeing our bikes help so many cycling pros be successful, even though most times we were asked to keep the riders of our bikes confidential due to sponsorship issues. In short, we are back because we missed it.
The beauty of getting to start over with a clean sheet of paper is the opportunity for unbridled improvement and innovation. We are guided by the question, “How can we improve the cycling experience?” The answer we agreed on was, “Give every rider a chance to ride a TRULY (that is the keyword) custom bicycle.” We’re not talking about taking stock tubes out of a bin and cutting them differently for your geometry. We mean starting on the napkin with an idea and a wish list of how you want your bike to work. Not just perfect fit, perfect performance.”
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Please call (337) 981-7686 or come by our Precision Bikes location for more information on the full line of Lynskey Performance Bicycles.