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Mark Miller @ Dealer Camp in Park City Utah.
The bike is a new titanium Litespeed 29er.

This is Litespeed’s new 2011 C1R aero road bike.
Other than the obvious, like a full integrated seatpost, massive headtube and bottom bracket sections and bladed fork, we don’t have a lot of details.

Thinner top sections of the seatstays look like they’ll provide some comfort to offset the oversized everything on the front triangle…
…but they taper to more aero shaping at the bottom in a fairly unique design.
Price: TBD

Watch out……..
Details about the build-up and Time Trial-review to follow soon…
This is Mark Miller’s new steed for the Time Trials.
This is a follow up on an earlier post

That’s right, “He Hate Me” is the perfect way to begin this post since all cyclists think their bikes are the best. And those that don’t like a particular bike because of its’ construction, its’ brand, or because it just isn’t plain cool enough, always seem like armchair quarterbacks because they always seem to know one bike that is better than yours.

What does this have to do with my new steed? Well, I am part of a growing field of bicycle owners who choose to purchase bicycles constructed out of Titanium. For years Titanium bikes have been known for their road vibration-dampening properties, which are delivered with two slight disadvantages: slightly heavier frames, and frames that tend to lack a sprinter’s required stiffness. But most of the armchair quarterbacks dislike Titanium just because many pros aren’t riding them. Well Alberto Contador doesn’t make Trek, or Specialized for that matter, any cooler than the next bike. The man makes the steed not the other way around. So keep on hating haters.

Well, welcome my new bike, Litespeed’s new flagship Titanium model, the ARCHON T1…

The above bike weighs in just under 18lbs, and that is including the powertap rear hub, training wheels, and an over-sized handlebar! Race wheels, carbon seat post & stem, regular handlebars, and these brakes could all drop this bike into the 16lb range! So weight weenies need to gripe elsewhere!

Does this bike flex? Sure, it can flex when I ride it, but don’t forget that my name is The Rhinoceros, and I tip the tender scale at around 230lbs. But the questions continue to come: How stiff is it?, How much does it flex? Is it like carbon? Well, all I can say is that there is a SERIOUS difference between my Lynskey and the Archon T1 in this department, most notably when out of the saddle and climbing. My Lynskey seemed to be more jerky and, at times, sluggish due to flex. But the Archon T1 gives a smoother climb and sprint, which is due to more horsepower being put directly to the pavement. It is so stiff, that I can actually feel my handlebars flexing! Furthermore, I had a very experienced (1,300 watt sprinter) Cat 1,2,3 racer throw a leg over the Archon T1 only to return saying “Holy Shit! This is a serious bike!”

“Great” I thought, another stereotype out the window because this bike is truly that serious! Would Lance Armstrong tell Trek bye and climb onto an Archon T1? Maybe, maybe not, but I know that any club racer would find everything they desire, and more, with the Archon T1.

What is the “more” you ask? The soft, supple ride that only Titanium can provide. To all the ‘He Hate Me’ types that are out there; you can keep your high-end, delicate, teeth-chattering carbon. Give me some manly metal that will churn out the same stiffness, but comfort my ass after 3 hours in the saddle riding over shitty Louisiana roads! So, there is no need to ask if the Archon T1 still dampens road vibration like most other Ti bikes, because you bet your ass (and mine) it does!

And last, but not least, we do have to mention style and looks. I know many Ti devotees strip decals off their bikes in effort to appear more rugged, and some are extremely clannish about their simple-looking bikes(I won’t mention any names here… Moots). But in all reality, I’m no different than them in this respect, because I’m also quick to throw out a few jabs here and there, so all I can give you is my opinion. Yes, Litespeed will paint your frame with cool color combos, but I like the bare titanium because it looks fast and exudes a certain teeth-gritting toughness that other bikes can only hope to acquire. And to be quite frank, I love how the Litespeed decals span almost the entire length of the downtube.

Now you can tell me you like it, or tell me you hate it, just rest assured I know you would like to try it. So, swallow your pride and ask to take it for a spin, or make yourself feel better by re-ordering a sticker kit for your out-dated Ti frame.


It’s good to have Tres Courdin, sales rep for Litespeed/QR in town. It’s been since Interbike Las Vegas we had seen Tres, so it is time to introduce him to the Cajun Cuisine. Don’s Seafood Hut was the choice and already Tres committed to be back next year! Tres has been very instrumental keeping Precision Bikes stocked with the top of the line ‘Litespeed and QR’ line up. If you have a chance stop by the shop, meet Tres and pick his brain. There is a wealth of knowledge…..

Litespeed Archon T1.
Size is medium/large with a 55cm top tube.
Frame price is $3700.
Full titanium frame with Easton carbon EC 90 Superlite fork.

The bike Litespeed has been waiting to create for over 21 years, a bike possessing technologies born from relationships with NASA, pro cyclists, and the most discriminating enthusiasts. We have developed and brought together a series of tubes never before seen in a titanium bike. A refined, new titanium development designed to offer a balance of strength, durability, handling, acceleration and performance never seen before in a Titanium or Litespeed product.

* 3Al-2.5V Seat Stays Wide, oval cross sectioned seat stays provide wonderful vertical compliance while better resisting lateral loads yielding an enhanced drive-train efficiency.
* Chain-Stays 3Al-2.5V Asymmetric Double Butted chain-stay. Bi-planar BB/CS junction multi cross section V-bend fabrication. Provides a wealth of tire and heel clearance while maintaining excellent component compatibility. Drive-train efficiency is beyond reproach. The most contemporary component compatibility with a unique look and performance.
* Down Tube/BB Junction 3Al-2.5V seat tube ovalizes and wraps the bottom bracket (beneath the surface of the down tube) This Provides added weld surface area, incredible power transfer and is compatible with all 35mm front derailleurs.
* Head Tube/Top Tube Junction New proprietary “Wrap” Technology. 3Al-2.5V Double Butted Head Tube Provides head tube stiffness never before experienced with titanium.