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I know many of you have been anxious to find out exactly how Dr. Tanner is doing, and I now can tell you from a first hand experience with him. I was at the movies when a hand reached out as I was walking to the bathroom, who did it happen to be… none other than Dr. John Tanner himself watching District 9. I chatted with him and his brother Rick after the movie ended. I was extremely excited because I had just been trying to call his house but never received an answer. Dr. Tanner is out and about doing what he can, he seems great for his situation. He proceeded to tell me that he was almost dead but he’s “too hard to kill.” He is unaware of the facebook group we have for him, but I will inform him of its existence in due time. Dr. Tanner still has a little ways to go to be fully recovered but he is doing awesome, and looks great. He is definitely acting like himself as I could see when he would not let anyone help him into his wheel chair. Well that’s all I have for now, please keep Dr. Tanner and his family in your prayers, and watch out for him to be out and about.
Stefan Cormier
(Uploaded from Dr. Tanner support group on Facebook)
John Tanner has made it home and seems to be in good spirits!
I understand he is still somewhat troubled with short term memory and I’m sure he still has a long rehab in front of him.
If all works out I hope to visit with John soon and give you a more detailed update.
I am so grateful for the current news, knowing that not too long ago John’s life was in danger!
God is good…… all the time ;)
John was moved to TOURO in New Orleans last Thursday;
this is instead of moving him all the way back to Texas.
When John arrived via ambulance he knew what city and state he was in.
John is almost able to get into a wheelchair on his own now as well.
Things are okay as far as his health, everything is healing internally.
His brain injury however is still really bad.
John’s short term memory is shot, and we aren’t sure how much of John we will get back.
He is almost off of all medications.
He wants to go home, and he doesn’t understand why he can’t.

I’m not completely sure on visiting hours yet,
but I do know that on weekdays John’s family isn’t allowed to go until 4:00 PM.

The latest news is that John will remain in Baton Rouge, at least for a few more weeks.
I understand John will be transferred in time and as soon as that date is available,
it will be posted.

Just as things where looking up for John Tanner another little set-back has stuck up it’s head.

This evening news broke that John might be transferred again,
this time to a facility that specializes in brain injuries.
The only place ‘they’ have been able to find is in Texas,
although New Orleans might be an alternative.

Please keep John and his family in your prayers;
even though a lot of news that has come through has been very positive,
all these uncertainties and changes will take a toll on patient and his immediate support!

The Neuromedical Center
10101 Park Rowe Avenue
1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Floor
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70810

Hospital Phone number – 225-906-4608
Room number – 608

The family is asking that you call before you visit,
that way they can inform you if John is having a good or bad day.

Last night was a long night for John, he didn’t sleep much. He had quite a few visitors today from colleagues and family.

John will be evaluated today and will begin treatment on Monday.

The hours of visitation are
Monday – Friday 12-1 and 4-8pm
Saturday – mornings
Sunday – mornings & evenings

The family thinks that visitors might be a good thing for John right now, so please feel free.

Go ahead and send cards and flowers to
10101 Park Rowe Ave
Baton Rouge, LA 70810-1686
John recieved the large card that was signed at the blood drive today and he enjoyed reading the messages.

John was moved to the rehab hospital last night.
He was very frustrated.
I believe he thought he was going home, and he is at yet another hospital..
Believe me from experience, this is a maddening feeling for any patient, especially when you’re use to live life your way and all of a sudden you’re at the mercy of health care professionals.
Address and “Green Light” for cards and flowers/gifts will posted as soon as the family sees fit.
John Tanner has been transferred to Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge.
At the moment he is running a high fever.
Still in ICU, awaiting for everything to settle down and transferred to a room.
Update 5:40 PM: Medication is kicking in; fever coming down!
Family is requesting us, to refrain from calling or visiting John.
Highest priority for John is to heal up
and recover from this terrible accident and subsequent surgeries.
I’ll post when his family thinks it’s OK to call / visit him.
The blood drive @ UL, for John was a tremendous success.
Thanks to all who participated!

It seems that John might be transferred to a rehabilitation facility in Baton Rouge soon.
More updates to follow as the news will reach me.
Again, thanks for your kind thoughts, prayers and support!