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Here are some pictures from LOOK’s booth at Interbike…

Mark Miller & Precision Bikes would like to formally announce a new line of bikes that will be offered at the shop… SCOTT Bikes!

Yeah you right! One will be able to purchase the new Plasma 3 and/or the SCOTT Addict at PB!
Here is a taste of what’s to come…

Don’t want to spring for the high costs of Zipp technology? Well, Mark has found a potential answer for you this year.

Mark, and two of his valued customers, have recently tested varied wheelsets from American Classics.
Results? Mark has found a great product (including a very stout disc) that rests at a fantastic price point, but gives you the reliability and styling that only the best require.
Check it…

How can you not love Zipp Wheels?

I know I’m partial since I own two sets of Zipps, but rest assured, everyone will have their chance to order a set in 2011.

As always, Mark spends copious amounts of time meeting with vendors trying to work the best deal possible so we can have great gear to choose from at the shop.

Make no mistake, it is exciting and quite enjoyable to attend Interbike, but Mark meets with vendors from 9:00am – 6:00pm choosing (and paying for) his 2011 inventory. He never takes these meetings or inventory selections lightly and seems to constantly mention what specific riders back home would love to see.
Here is Mark and Will Jones examining Mavic’s 2011 line. Precision Bikes always has supplied Mavic products, and let me tell you… these new wheels are looking great!

Well here is your first glimpse into Interbike 2010 from the eyes of Mark Miller’s Precision Bikes Gang.

We have been enjoying the all of the new products and long days sifting through the vendors in effort to bring some exciting new items home to the shop for you to enjoy.

Unfortunately, Ruud “The Webmaster” Vuijsters, has been a rare attendee to the show this year since he is at an annual PT conference. Therefore, you will will get your Interbike fix from The Rhino this year.

And who better to start this post off than yours truly…

I have been attacked by a vicious case of the gout, which has kept me relegated my temporary granny machine. Yes, you are allowed to laugh as loud as humanly possible!

Mark Cavendish’s Rocket

Fabian Cancellara’s Rigs

These are some of the Giro helmets used by the stars!

A couple of Rock Racing bikes
on display at Interbike, Las Vegas 2009

Team Precision Bikes had a blast watching the men’s and women’s crits on Thursday night in Las Vegas!

When watching the women’s

crit, one could not help but noticing the blonde flash, blowing off the front for many laps!
Her name is
Ali races for TeamTibco
The very team our own
Eryn Hanna Schilling use to race for, several years ago.
Ali’s star seems to be moving up the ladder fast and it’ll be worth wile to follow her career!

Alison is a new rider who only started racing in 2008. In her first stage race, the Nature Valley Grand Prix, Alison turned heads with a 10th place finish among some of the top riders in the U.S. while racing for a composite team. She was then invited to guest ride for the Team TIBCO elite team at the Cascade Classic Stage race, where she was a strong supporting rider after only four months of race experience. Though still new to cycling, Alison is an accomplished elite-level athlete.

She was a collegiate tennis player at Abilene Christian University and then went on to compete in triathlons. She raced the Half-Ironman World Championships and placed 6th in 2007. She fell in love with the cycling discipline, and decided to focus on the bike for 2008.

Just last weekend Ali was the first woman to cross the line during Levi’s Gran Fondo.
A 103m ride throughout Sonoma County!

In case you’re wondering where TEAM PRECISION BIKES will be in 2 days…..
As you can see on your left top of this site,
Mark has become ‘high-tech’, iPhone decked out with Twitter and all!
You can follow the action either here,
as I’m hoping to post Interbike info frequent to this site,
or you can follow Mark on Twitter.
One way or another, we’ll keep you posted of our adventures ;)