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A clip from an American short film about different aspects of cycling in the Netherlands.

Shows streets thronging with cyclists and a race for butchers’ delivery boys, on bikes.



The number of cyclists taken to hospital after crashes involving other cyclists rose 40% between 2008 and 2012, according to the Dutch road safety body VeiligheidNL. In particular, the number of people on racing bikes who ended up in hospital more than doubled between 2010 and 2012 to 4,200, VeiligheidNL said in a new report. Men over the age of 40 accounted for 60% of those injured. However, the number of cyclists hitting other objects, such as cars and road signs fell. Busier cycle lanes At the same time, the amount of time racing cyclists spend on their bikes has dropped by 20% since 2010 and their number has remained stable at around 1.5 million. ‘There would appear to be an increase in the number of cyclists and there are indications cycle lanes are getting busier,’ the organisation said. Racing bike users admit that around one-third of the accidents they are involved in take place in built-up areas and that most occur on cycle lanes. And half admit they made a mistake in judging the likely behaviour of the other cyclist. However, almost three out of four racing cyclists said the other cyclist caused the accident.


bike chaos in Amsterdam

One-third of trips made in Amsterdam are by bike, by far the highest percentage in Europe, according to a new report on the economic and health benefits of cycling by the UN’s and the World Health Organisation’s European offices.

Copenhagen is second on the list with a 26% share and Berlin third with around 13%. Most cities on the list hover between 1% and 3%.

The report says over 76 600 people would be employed in green and healthy transport every year and 10,000 lives would be saved if major European cities reached the cycling modal share of Copenhag

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Watching these Dutch commuters power through Hurricane force winds makes me feel like a gigantic wimp. I’ve bailed on rides for far less than the raging winds depicted in the video!