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The CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro trainer is built for Tri-geeks, podium chasers and first-time finishers alike. It combines versatility with an authentic roadlike feel.
  • Between seasons, use SuperMagneto Pro to get in great shape—and stay that way
  • Offers 4 resistance curves; easy, road, interval and mountain
  • Resistance curves adjust to fit a conditioned rider or someone less physically , or modify the curves to fit big and small riders
  • Each resistance setting is controlled by the internal movement of 4 rare earth, spring-loaded magnets; magnets enhance the natural progressive-resistance power curve
  • Flywheel is designed to deliver a smooth ride and a realistic, roadlike feel
  • Wide stable platform; quick-lock cam lever allows quick and easy bike installation; install and remove bike with a simple 90° turn of the handle
  • Convenient skewer clamp centers your bike from just 1 side and holds it securely
  • Handy, single-leg leveling adjusts for riding on most any surface
  • Also fits 29er wheels using the 2-position mounting bracket
  • Includes Realrides Race Day
  • RETAIL: $399.=