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This past Friday I spent most of the day with Paraic McGlynn at Cyclologic.  I also had the pleasure to meet and spend the day with John Cobb with Cobb Cycling.  At Cyclologic I tested multiple saddles to determine what is the most comfortable saddle.  I had to try multiple saddles with multiple trial runs.  It felt like I did 50 trial runs but it was probably closer to 25 or so.  Most of the trial runs I tested at 220 watts as the control but I did get up to 300-320 watts on some of the trials.  I won’t disclose too much information because Jay Prasuhn will be writing a detailed article on this in Lava Magazine.  I will say that Cobb had some saddles that were certainly more comfortable than others.

John and Paraic accessing my position.


This is a side view and this test was painful! It feels like it looks.


This photo above is a test with the same saddle using the technology of GebioMized. The only difference is; in the left image I am wearing cycling bibs, in the right image I a wearing tri shorts. A good consideration is to train with your tri shorts more when you get closer to race day.

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Mr. Cobb, always a mover and a shaker, has brought a new seat to the market while at Interbike this year.

His new Mountain Biking Seat…


By understanding all the strong features of the original VFlow saddle, we were able to make some improvements that warranted a new saddle. As I have continued my research on rider comfort, it became clear that pelvis/hip socket location as well as rider size and weight could further affect seat comfort.
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Please check out John Cobb’s new awesome web site: