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Calfee takes bamboo construction idea in a new direction
Craig Calfee’s recently launched Bamboosero project applies his bamboo and hemp fibre frame construction to something much bigger than just one-off show bikes. Calfee is now teaching residents of third-world countries how to build similar bikes but for utilitarian purposes.
Much like SRAM’s admirable World Bicycle Relief program, Bamboosero seeks to equip local residents with bicycles that can be used to greatly enhance mobility to places like schools, ease access to necessary resources like food and water, and seek medical care in far-off locations.
In Bamboosero’s case, however, the bikes are built by local residents and use locally available bamboo. Calfee has already shown the bamboo is capable of hauling heavy loads and feels that having the residents build the bikes themselves fosters the development of sustainable local economies.
Calfee’s Bamboosero frame design is obviously much simpler than the showpieces we’re accustomed to seeing from him at NAHBS with its traditional frame layout and substantial built-in rear rack. While the parts spec is decidedly modest, the ambitions of the program are anything but. Shops are already running in Ghana and others reportedly nearing completion in Zambia, Mexico and Uganda.