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Ever wonder what it’s like to ride in the team car at a Pro Tour race? This video will give you some idea. The BMC team car navigates its way through the caravan at high speed on tricky, narrow roads to get up to their rider Jeff Louder for a bike change. It is also a great example of a smooth bike change, “Take your front wheel Jeff, take your front wheel!”

Team BMC has announced the signing of the current World Professional Road Champion, current US Professional Road Champion and proven, successful new riders for the 2010 season. The team is looking forward to an aggressive 2010 schedule focused on a higher level of professional racing.

The BMC Racing Team has acquired the current World Professional Road Champion from Italy, Alessandro Ballan, as well as three-time US National Professional Road Champion George Hincapie. “When we started with the idea of the BMC Racing Team, we had a plan which would one day elevate us to the highest level of professional racing. That day is today,” explained the two partners and co-owners of the BMC Racing Team, Jim Ochowicz and Andy Rihs.