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Build up with Shimano Ultegra 10
Retail: $2500.=

The new Global Concept Aero from BH is a clean, wind cheating design that’s been thoroughly tested from the lava fields of Kona to the time trials of the Tour de France, and even the Race Across America. With its aggressive wheel cutouts, aero headtube, and extremely narrow profile, this high modulous carbon bike will go fast under any rider, whether it’s triathlon star Eneko Llanos or TDF contender Vladimir Efimkin. The 3-position seatpost accommodates triathlon and TT riders with 78, 76 and 74-degree seat angles and our no-cut mast means you can do both on the same bike. The efficiency of the GC Aero isn’t limited to just the sleek profile – our massive seat and chainstays ensure all your power is translated into efficient forward momentum.
Combined with our Perfect fit geometry, four sizes, and optimized head tube heights for a comfortable aero tuck and maximized wattage output, the New BH GC Aero sets the standard for speed and efficiency. It’s the perfect tool for shaving seconds or even minutes off your time.
The Fit: BH spent countless hours to get the fit right on the new GC Aero, consulting the best fit experts, retailers and journalists in the sport. We even benchmarked our competition. The results are impressive. Top tube lengths on the GC Aero run from 502mm to 598mm, fitting an incredible range of riders. Head tube heights are optimized to put you in an aero tuck that is still comfortable so you can get more power to the pedals. The GC Aero comes with a 3 position seatpost that puts the rider in 74, 76, or 78 degree seat angle positions to accommodate a wide range of riders and disciplines. The GC Aero has a semi-integrated seat mast with 90mm of adjustment, eliminating the need to cut the seat mast to fit a particular rider.
Construction/Material: The GC Aero has an incredibly narrow profile to slice through the wind. It is barely wider than a tire. That slicing begins at the headtube with its pronounced blade to push air around the front of the bike. The aero downtube hugs the front wheel to minimize turbulence and the aero seattube does the same for the rear wheel. The massive aero seat and chainstays minimize wind disturbance, while ensuring all of your power goes to propelling the bike. The GC Aero is a monocoque frame, allowing us to achieve the complex tube shapes and keep the weight of the bike very low. BH uses internal cable routing on the GC Aero. The guides are molded in and allow you to easily slide full lengths of housing through them – no more long, late nights just trying fish cables through the frame.
The Ride: We can sum up the ride of the GC Aero in one word: FAST.
With our geometry, aero design and superior construction, the GC just wants to go at a high rate of speed. This is the machine ridden to second place by Eneko Llanos at Kona. It is the same machine that went from coast to coast in the Race Across America. Those are some pretty good testing grounds.
The GC Aero is available as a frameset, including fork, headset, seatpost/collar.
Size: 56cm

Retail is an astoundingly low $1800.00