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Tuesday August 2nd

In the event you don’t have a partner, you’re okay to participate solo.

Where: Sawmill Road

Start: 6:30 PM

Helmet mandatory!

Please show up early, check your rig, warm-up sufficiently and register between 6:00 and 6:15 PM

As usual it will be a 5 Mile out, 5 Mile back, (10 miles), live race.

If you need more info please call the shop.2PersonTTT



August 02

Start: 6:30 PM

This will be the LAST Time Trial of the season!
Precision Bikes always dedicates the LAST TT as a TWO MAN time trial!

So grab your favorite (or fastest) race buddy and come out and show us your speed!

If you would like to go single that is fine you will be placed in the back.

Every year, once a month until fall Precision Bikes and Corner Bar hosts a time trial, 5 mile out 5 mile back.
this is a FREE event and a way to improve your speed throughout training season.
We make it simple, we set up a timer at the finish line, and one by one you take off to test your training.

Every rider MUST obey the law with traffic. We will have volunteers on the course helping at the turn around.
We have ahad great success each year and plan on keeping it going!

Come out and bring your A game!


When: Tuesday 08-04-2015

Where: Corner Bar Youngsville

What: Team time trials; 2 person per team- 5 miles out 5 mile back!

If you do not have a partner, we can partner you up with someone when you get to Corner Bar that evening.

If you go solo you will be put off the back of the line up

Why: cycling, friends and beer: no other better reason!

**Please show up to location,SIGNED IN, warmed up and at the starting line no later than 6:15 p.m.

Since we plan on having such a large turn out we need everyone to get there as early as possible!

**Helmets are required, no exceptions.
***the road is a live course, we will have volunteers at the turn around but you must follow ALL laws when approaching the turn around and riding the full 10 miles!!

**We would like to thank Stanley for hosting the time trial spot once again and we hope everyone will stay after for a drink or two!

**This is the second to LAST time trial for the season!

The last time trial will be ALL WOMEN participants ONLY!

So come out and have some fun!