Armstrong Undergoes Full Body Scan To Perfect TT Position

Armstrong Undergoes Full Body Scan To Perfect TT Position


A 3-D rendering of Armstrong on his TT rig.

Lance Armstrong embraced some high-tech body imaging technology to hone his aerodynamic time trial position this week, working with Burbank, California based Cyber F/X, a 3-D scanning and mapping company. He posted the above image to his Twitter page

Cyber F/X specializes in 3-D laser mapping and subsequent foam prototype production of large scale, life size models, including people, although I wouldn’t expect to see any prototype molds of Lance popping up anytime soon.

Armstrong made several 3-D scans of his form on his TT bike which will presumably be analyzed by his team in what seems like a never ending quest to shave valuable seconds off time trials. The scans will give engineers a complete 3-D rendering of Armstrong’s body and bike, which will allow them to send the scan through various aerodynamic models to determine the optimum time trial position.


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