Anna Cleaver hit and run crash

Anna Cleaver hit and run crash

 This is Anna’s description of the accident, found on Facebook:

 “Got a great 120km in with the group here in Boulder before the crash stopped me from finishing the ride. Descending pretty fast and got taken out by a car with a trailer attached. The car was going very fast and the trailer swinging behind it whacked me sending me to the ground.

The results: (1) fracture in hand, small fracture in back, (2) a ton of wounds to ruin my Colorado sun tan, (3) torn Hincapie Sportswear kit (boo) and my Hincapie bottles are now over the cliff edge somewhere (where thankfully I am not!)

Morgan Zornes you were amazing for staying with me all day in hospital!

It will all heal and I am very lucky!”

Anna Cleaver

Precision Bikes wishes you Godspeed on your recovery!!!


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