Meet Mark Miller


A life long resident of Acadiana and the father of three beautiful girls, Mark’s life has evolved around athletics and being physically fit. His value and enjoyment of physical competition continues today as he pursues his passion of bicycles and racing triathlons. Mark’s racing career spans three decades, stepping into competitive cycling and triathlons just as many others have with sprint racing in the early 90′s. As Mark’s love for the sports grew, he expanded his racing goals toward longer races. To date, Mark has completed multiple century rides, 15 marathons, 34 Half Ironmans and truly one of his greatest accomplishments, the completion of 36 Ironman distance races, (included the Norsman and the Kona Hawaii World Championship). Mark has competed and completed all of the Ironman North America races as well as X-terra and Escape from Alcatraz. In this pursuit for fitness, it has led him to adopt a life philosophy of “Fitness for Everyone”. It is this philosophy and his passion for bicycles that inspired the founding of Mark Miller’s Precision Bikes.

Precision Bikes is committed to bringing cyclists and triathletes of all types to their highest level of success and enjoyment. Mark’s cycling knowledge has developed through years of hard work and study. Precision Bikes is committed to bringing cyclists and triathletes of all types to their highest level of success and enjoyment.Working under and along side John Cobb, a leader in cycling aerodynamics and equipment development, Mark has spent numerous hours in the Texas A&M wind tunnel improving his knowledge of proper aerodynamic fit. The proper fit on a bike is so important, because it creates better performance and more power. The higher the power the more speed you produce, hence Mark’s favorite saying “GET FAST”. For those not concerned about speed but more on comfort, proper fit also equates to a higher level of comfort. Mark has worked with many athletes over the years ranging from professional triathletes to beginners. He has completed Dan Empfield’s F.I.S.T. bike fit program and is the only certified bike fit person in the Acadiana area.

Whether you are new to cycling or an elite rider, Mark Miller’s Precision Bikes has something to offer for each and every individual. We invite you to visit our Lafayette location. Come by and enjoy some great Cajun hospitality and our commitment to your cycling success and enjoyment.

“Thanks Michelle for allowing me to pursue my dream and passion.”

Mark Miller