Congratulations to Mark on the 5th anniversary of Precision Bikes. In a short period of time, Mark has established Precision Bikes as one of the premier bike shops in the South.

Mark has a slogan on his website which states “Get Fast”. Well he has indeed helped many of us do just that with his expertise in fitness and in his knowledge of bike fitting.

But Mark also “Has Class”.

Class in the fact that he is an all around good guy.

Class in the way he is a husband to Michelle and a father to his 3 daughters, Casey, Emma and Molly.

Class in the way that he competes as one of the top Triathletes in the South

Class in the way he teaches others to achieve and compete at their highest level.

Class in the way that he runs his shop and leads the excellent team of Tim and Nick at PB

Class in the fact that he offers bikes and equipment of the highest quality to his customers.

I recently visited Mellow Johnny’s in Austin. Other than a big selection of Trek and a nice facility, they had nothing on PB. I can’t imagine another shop having the selection of Quintana Roo, Pinarello, Colnago, Look etc that Mark features. At PB you can look, touch, feel and test ride the bike of your dreams.

So Mark, Congrats on the first 5 years, and we all look forward to your continued success.

Frank Camalo


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